Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Rain is Easing but I have been sewing

Smileycons!Rain eased up a bit this morning but this afternoon it was back.Smileycons!
I am still happy even when it is raining I can sew.

We just had our son in law call in on a quick visit. He flew down from Townsville to help his brother pack up and drive one car back. They are moving back to Townsville. They leave at 6.00am in the morning. I am hoping the rain eases for them. We were so happy to see him.

Yesterday I made a piece of gold and silver to make badges for our upcoming quilt show. Well it is one suggestion. Someone else may have a better idea and the club could go with it.
Our theme is Silver Threads Among the Gold as it is our 25th year celebrations.

I also made a bag to donate to the club for our bag and cushion give a way. We ask for 10 bags and 10 cushions. We put boxes on the table with the number of the bag/cushion. People pay $2.00 for 10 tickets and they put the tickets into boxes of the ones they like. We draw at the end of the weekend and the lucky winner get the bag/cushion.
The maker of the bag and cushion with the most entries gets a cash prize

I then made a cord and a piece to make another bag using the same principle as above.

Until next time
Keep stitching

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