Sunday, February 28, 2010


Smileycons!Still raining here.
Smileycons!Hoping first day of Autumn for some fine weather.

Hi to you you lovely people that visit my blog. I have had a busy week and I did not have time to up date the last week.
I worked on this table runner. Not a good picture but you will get the idea.
It is a kaleidoscope of 4 pieces in each block. Originally I made some bags using this technique. It looks good as a runner. I can't even remember how I was taught to do this as it has been a UFO for the past year and was to be another bag.

This is my the final for the Palmwoods Fabric Art Group. It is a tree and is one of my pieces. I originally had fungi on the tree but it did not look right so now just the lizard. This piece was about 8' long so I cut off 2' and my husband has made me a frame to fold and hold the smaller piece and I will place the fungi on it. It looks a lot better this way. Later I will post more and pictures of my other work for the show.
Keep stitching

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rain again

You would not believe it but we had so much rain again last night and it is flooding in areas again. Lucky we live on a hill so most flows off but it is still sitting in areas as it cannot get away fast enough. We have drains to drain it away from the house.
Glasshouse had 6" in a short time and my friend’s home was flooded. The water does not have to be in the house long but causes so much damage. It came down their back sloping yard so fast and could not get away so just came up and into house.
Brisbane was hit really bad and so much flash flooding with cars being washed down the streets.
Margot and I made a bear and some little animals but will post pictures later.
Hope everyone is safe


Monday, February 15, 2010

My last two day


I have had an exciting two days with visitors but still managed to get some sewing done.

First I have been doing Shirley's classes for thread painting.

Then Fran posted a tutorial on paint shop but I had photo explosion and decided to use it. (I had forgotten what I could do in this program as it is years since I have used it).

The swirls are printed on silk sheets and look fantastic.

I really enjoyed doing the thread painting and will put them into a little quilt later this week.

My friends Margot and Lynn are coming tomorrow and we are planning a shopping hop with quilt shops on the Sunshine Coast.

Keep stitching

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back in the swing.

Ok got my nojo back and into the swing of things.
Yes I did a little drawing again. Love these things and have a few ideas floating around in my head as to what I can do with them. This one is larger then the others.

Below is a quit for a challenge.
Actually it will be killing 3 birds with one stone.
One I am putting origami Asian ladies in the centre blocks (a class on origami)
Two is a challenge with the two gold fabrics I used to make the quilt. This is for our quilt show in May.
Three will be swapped in a challenge I am in on an online group.
I have never been able to coordinate like this before. Thus saving me making 3 quilts.

Keep stitching

I can't believe it is over a week since I posted.

This week I had lost a incentive till a friend who had been the same came to stay a night. We decided to do something different.

Usually we work on quilts till all hours of the night.

These are the little pins we made. She went home with a set as well.

We had a lot of fun and was just what we need to get back in the swing of things.
Next day I did some techniques.
Keep stitching

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures of flooding

Our Dam looking across to neighbours.

Our dam looking from the house. It was up further a couple of hours ago.

Looking up to our house with the dam overflow. The pipes were full with the water coming out earlier when it was pouring rain. We have not seen it like that for years.
This is a neighbours property with the fences down.

The road closed and the house below is just before on the left hand side.

It looks like his fences may be damaged as well.

The road closed here as you can see. We have seen it a lot higher and it was today but we waited till the rain had eased before going out to have a look. Usually we go when it is still pouring but for some reason my husband did not want to today. Maybe a sign that we are getting

At the moment it has stopped raining and I hope it does or there will be more damage to fences around the place.

Keep stitching I am off to do a bit more.

Oh it is raining again well I can still stitch. I have just made a yummy meatloaf for dinner so have some time to sew now.


Ah it is flooding here. We have had over 12 inches in the last 12 hours or so.
I have not seen our dam so full in many years it is going over the top the pipes can't take the water flow. My husband was down checking the dam wall and the neighbors from across the road were out complaining about all the water coming down to the road. It is a catchment area from all sides (a little valley) Ken told them that this is nothing we have seen it over the road and in the garages on the bottom properties. I don't think they were too impressed. Water has to go somewhere and the flow of the land and the dams to the river just can't take it at the moment. A good clean out of the dams and river which is good.

I should go and take some pictures but don't feel like getting wet. With the tides this afternoon the river will back up and it will flood our roads out of our little town may be isolated. Usually on lee till the tides go out but I have seen if for a couple of days if the rain does not ease up.
Oh well I can go sew now after 5 hours on the computer. So easy to do.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Barrier Reef

I am showing my Barrier Reef pictures again as some have asked to see them.
I made this work about 3 years ago so it is on one of my earlier posts. I will take a picture of it framed and post soon.
Keep stitching

Flowers in the Sunshine Lesson 4

Lesson 4
2 pictures

Pic 10
You are now ready to do the beading on the work. I usually do the centres of the flowers and sometimes I bead randomly around the piece. If I have quilted flowers around the piece I put a bead in the centre of each flower.
Pic 10
If you enlarge this picture you will see I have quilted flowers and I put a bead in each one. Now cut and trim the work to size. Edge and bind in usual way.
If you want to make a bigger piece you may join two or four pieces of felt together by holding edges together with a close zig zag over the two edges. It will not show when painted. This is what I did with the purple flower quilt. (2 x A4 size pieces of felt). You could buy the felt by the yard but start with a small one A4 size to get the technique.
Pic 11 If the quilt was bigger than the A4 size I would put the backing on before I did the quilting to hold it together or go around the flower edges again to hold in place.Pic

Pic 11

I hope you enjpyed the class and keep coming back to see what is offered on my blog.

Keep stitching


Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am excited the group I belong to on line learningfa which teaches lessons tradition and art has decided to do an art group challenges. (I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to teach a class last year and another later this year).

The lady that owns the group (Shirley) posted if anyone was interested, and within less than 24 hours, 20 ladies had signed up. I was one of those lucky ones. It was to be limited to 15 but with the interest it is now 20.

Our first challenge is Hidden Treasures. In my mind I have already designed the quilt. Coins hidden in caves or what else can be hidden? It is really open to a lot of interpretations.
The only restriction is it must be 75% fabric. That is it. So can add paper if we like or metals.
Shirley has opened another group for this Art Group challenge and as soon as it gets going I will add it to my list of blogs.

Yesterday day our bear and doll group (stitch and bitch) was held at my friend place in Brisbane. We drove down in two cars. It was nice as Margot usually does the driving to come up the coast for the meets. Once a week she does this.

The group had decided to do a charity and when I was asked to do a block tension set in. Oh no not another thing to do. (I am already in another group doing three charity quilts). Instead of doing the work I had taken to do I decided to do the clown block there and then. Turned a tension situation into a lovely situation and now all I have to do is machine appliqué the block today and it is finished.

I think I need a white board in the studio so I can write what has to be done and cross it off as it is. Too many things in my head now to think about and don’t want to forget anything I am involved in.

I remember I used to do this years ago at work.

Keep stitching

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