Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tutorial for Fabric Beads

Fabric Beads are a fun project to do.

A strip of material 16" long x 2" wide makes a nice bead.

A strip of material 16"x7" will make 6 beads.

The first cut will be on an angle on the 16" side of material. Cut from the tip (16" side)to the other end 1" in on the 7" side of material. The next cut will be from the 7" side (where you just cut to. This will for a point) and in 2" at the other end. This will give you a triangle 16" long and 2 inches wide one end with a point at the other end. Keep cutting in this way alternating each end so there will be a point and a 2" strip for each bead.

Spray the strip with basting spray. I now glue a 1/4 seam on the 2" end. This just secures the piece before rolling. I like to use this glitter glue but can use anything.

Roll the beads as tightly as you can around a knitting needle. It will come off quite easily later. I like to do 3 to a needle.

A finished rolled bead. Secure the little end with a bit of glue.
Now to make them water proof use this product.
Don't over do it as it will take to long to dry.
In Australia it is available at Spotlight.
When using this glue you can also add your glass beads or glitter when it is wet.
Other wise you can glue them in place later with craft glue.

I place the needles in a styrene ball in a glass to dry.
When totally dry spray with vanish. You can paint the vanish on but spraying is so fast.
When dry you can use the beads in a number of way.
They look nice grouped together or made into tassels for scissors or phones. Or just as a decoration on bags or notebooks.
I am going to make a head piece with some when I get time.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
Have fun


Banaghaisge said...

They look fabulous. And so easy!!! Thank you for the tutorial, you are a gem.

Delia said...

You are very welcome Jas

Carol said...

Thanks for the tutorial DeL. I'm looking forward to give the beads a go.

Fran C said...

WOW so quick and easy the granddaughters will love some of these to make things with

Sandy said...

Thanks Del for posting the tutorial, must try some.

Tour flowers and little treasure wraps look great too!


Faye said...

Well done Delia, that tutorial is so easy to follow, thanks so much for doing that, and sharing your inspriational efforts with us.

Lorraine McMahon said...

Hey they look great. I think I will try them soon. Thanks for the tute.

Delia said...

Hi Fay Lorraine Carol Fran and Sandy
You are very welcome and I will try and put more tut. up in the New Year.

Tom said...

Thanks Delia,
That was one of my 'find out about one day' projects and now i know what to do. Thanks for sharing and Happy Christmas
(Tom is my son)

Pam said...

Thanks for the tutorial. They look great. Maybe I'll have time to do a few this week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info...Not only do I make glass beads but I own my own mobile dog-grooming business..I love buying material for the dog bandanas and I always have scraps left over..The material I bought would always be in the colors I would love to wear..Now after reading this I will use the scraps to make fabric beads and incorporate them in with my lampword beads...Thank you so much for the article.

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