Tuesday, April 19, 2011

These are two quilts that I made from panels. The other one does not seem to want to load.
Will try again tomorrow.
You can make quite a large quilt from a small panel by cutting and adding strips to each small section.
At last I can now add the third one. This one I have not cut the section out just added the flying geese to the sides. I am enjoying teaching what you can do with a panel. Who wants another for the wall when you can have one for the bed.
Keep stitching

Watch for my updates

I have been away for 12 days and sewed up a storm.
I hope to get some of the work on the blog tonight or tomorrow.
Margot went to a retreat in the hills for 3 days and the I had 9 days at her home where we sewed and sewed.
We had done some nice work but I have to up load the pictures yet.
Off to unpack the car now but later will work on the computer.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Challenging Ourselves Reveal #4

Hi All

If you would like to look at the Challenges so to http://challengingourselvesfabricarts.blogspot.com/

There is some very nice work the girls are doing and many techniques.

The theme was a pallet of Orange Purple and Blue.

It never stops amazing me the different ideas we come up with.

Some of the ladies are a bit late so more will be posted as the week goes buy,

Keep stitching


Friday, April 1, 2011

Frilly Lizard

I have just posted my challenge for Challenging Ourselves. I am very pleased with my quilt and want to show you all. I have called it Frilly.

The fabric for the Lizard was hand painted by me. I then made the lizard by cutting out the shapes and thread painting in the body and legs. I then set him on a rock and made the 3D frilly and face. I appliqued and machine embroidered in the leaves and grass before adding some quilting lines.

I actually made two but as the pallet was Orange Blue and Purple I thought that the Celtic one did not have enough of the purple. I still think it turned out nicely.

Keep stitching


HELLO I have not posted for a very long time. I could not get into my blog but after an hour finely worked it out. My what have I b...