Monday, March 1, 2010

My Studio and Still Raining

Still rainingSmileycons!
This is my studio.
My husband built this for me about 4 years ago and I love it. He is so good to do this and give up half his garage not to mention he has others. Still we had to clean out this and of course it was full of things we did not use and daughters old furniture she no longer wanted.
Not a good picture but you can see how the sun shines in on a nice day in the morning. There is about another 10 feet that you do no see and on the left there is another bench with cupboards above. Plenty you would think to hold my things but no I am running out of room. Every thing is filled. What do I do? I don't use a lot of the materials now and wonder if I should start and put some on eBay.
I have been giving some away of late but can't keep doing this as it cost to much in the first place.
I like it tidy and every night before I finish I make sure things are put away and floor swepted.
That was a promise I made to my self if I every got a studio.
Of course I do leave things out if I am working on them the next day.
I am one of those people who can't work in a mess.
My girlfriend is the opposite. Some of her is rubbing off on me and some of me on her.
Happy medium.
Keep stitching


Debbie said...

Great sewing space. You are way too neat for me! I had to shovel thread off the floor yesterday.

Carol said...

Your studio looks so inviting, Del. And so tidy! Your Etsy shop is going to be a wonderful place to go shopping.

Delia (Del) said...

HI Debbie
At times mine gets messed up
Who cars as long as we can create the way we like.

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Carol yes thanks to you I have it up and running.

Bern said...

Well, Del, I am officially jealous of you, for having a dedicated sewing space! My little sewing room is to small for the fabric that I have, never mind for sewing in! Good for you (especially since you are far more productive than I am) but ... give me a few weeks to finish off my Fishing Club job (thanks for that "push") and I might even be able to post some photos o work that I have done, on my blog!

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Bern
I am looking forward to your posting and yes it is great to have a room to sew in, Before it was in the lounge room.
It is great this way.

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