Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Large Strawberry

What do think about this strawberry? The size of a bread and butter plate. We do grow them big in Queensland. It actually looked like a flower. We were at Gowinta in Beerwah celebrating Lorraine's birthday.
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mad Hatters Tea Rooms Landsbrough

Patrica with one of the Mad Hats..

Here we are at the Mad Hatters Landsbrough.
Lots of laughs and if I had this little MAN I would have a 100. I have never seen such a happy and good child.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Grandchildren

We are not long back from a trip to Townsville to visit our children. Well the grandchildren have grown and are so beautiful. Here we have Lily making biscuits with me and Jack working at his mothers ipad. I can not believe what a 3 year 3 months child can do on this machine. I can't keep up with him.

Jack cuddling up to Mummy acting shy.

Lily giving Pa a thank you kiss for building them this lovely cubby house while Jack looks on.

The cubby house that the children will have hours of fun in that Pa built for them while we were up there.

 Their big 75k dog. Just as well he is so quiet and loving with the children.

Lily insisted on flowers for her new house. We drew the line when she wanted a refrigerator and microwave. lol
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island
While in Townsville last month the group I belong to up there (Townsville Fibre and Fabrics) took a trip to the Island at the invitation of the Maggie Island ladies.
What a treat I was in for. Meeting up with the girls at barge in the morning then onto  the island for a lovely morning tea and lunch supplied by the Maggie Island Girls at the Bowls Club.
Of course there was a lovely show and tell and I took heaps of pictures.
The one below is made to look like a book stand but it was only about 10 x 12".

Ann the happy lady won the lucky spot under her chair.
I loved this post card of the dog. Reminded me of mine.
I feel in love with these scarfs. Cast on 5 stitches and away you go. I am yet to find the wool. Apparently Lincraft has it but it goes very fast. I wonder why? The bag is made out of a tie. It looked great.

I was amazed at this rock formation and somewhere alone the line I may make a quilt with this in mind.
Well that is all for tonight off to bed
Well I hope.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Here is a table centre that I made at our quilt group a few weeks ago. Robyn McHardie from Sunshine Quilts tutored the class. It is a simple technique using a half Dresden plate template to cut our the pieces.
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Challenge quilt

It is so long since I have posted and looking through my pictures from when I was away I have a lot to share with you. So in the next days I will try and post pictures and ideas.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Black and White quilt and mat

A couple of years ago I participated in a fat quarter swap. I chose black and white but had no idea what I would do with the fat quater's until I saw Margot's quilt in this design. I loved the design and right away knew what I was doing with my black and white fat quarters. I also chose a red back background with small red cherries with green stems to give a splash of colour to the quilt.
I also made this little centre mat to match the table in the room.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gelatin plate

Today  I had heaps of fun in a Gelatin plate class with Michelle at Palmwoods.
I had been wanting to try this technique out for ages but never got around to it.
It is so easy.
Recipe for the plate is 4 tablespoons gelatin and mix with 1 cup of boiling water to dissolve. Add 1 cup of cold water and pour into an ice cream container or similar and place in the fridge to set.

Unmold and place some fabric paint on top ( you can use medium) and push it around to cover with the back of a plastic spoon.

Now you can put a stencil on top and paper over a couple of time to take the excess paint off. You can use this paper to make cards later.

Put your fabric on top the plate and light rub to transfer the paint. You will get a few off the one rubbing and you can also use the stencil by putting them on the fabric a few times. Each time you will get a lighter design but still lovely.

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What have I been up to. Wareable art

I just love how this top turned out. I have had many comments on it.

I make the fabric from speciality wools. It is constructed on washaway and then gridded and stippled. I am wanting to make one for my granddaughter. I thinks she will just love being like Nana.

I have a few things to show you but will post one a day so not to over load you with ideas.

It has been a while since I posted but hope to update more in the future.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Charity quilt

We had a lovely day the other day when we donated two quilts to a deserving lady. We enjoyed making this quilt and it was extra special to give it to someone so appreciative.

There are 12 of us in the group  the Jelly Rolls but a few could not make it on the day.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

These are two quilts that I made from panels. The other one does not seem to want to load.
Will try again tomorrow.
You can make quite a large quilt from a small panel by cutting and adding strips to each small section.
At last I can now add the third one. This one I have not cut the section out just added the flying geese to the sides. I am enjoying teaching what you can do with a panel. Who wants another for the wall when you can have one for the bed.
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Watch for my updates

I have been away for 12 days and sewed up a storm.
I hope to get some of the work on the blog tonight or tomorrow.
Margot went to a retreat in the hills for 3 days and the I had 9 days at her home where we sewed and sewed.
We had done some nice work but I have to up load the pictures yet.
Off to unpack the car now but later will work on the computer.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Challenging Ourselves Reveal #4

Hi All

If you would like to look at the Challenges so to

There is some very nice work the girls are doing and many techniques.

The theme was a pallet of Orange Purple and Blue.

It never stops amazing me the different ideas we come up with.

Some of the ladies are a bit late so more will be posted as the week goes buy,

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Frilly Lizard

I have just posted my challenge for Challenging Ourselves. I am very pleased with my quilt and want to show you all. I have called it Frilly.

The fabric for the Lizard was hand painted by me. I then made the lizard by cutting out the shapes and thread painting in the body and legs. I then set him on a rock and made the 3D frilly and face. I appliqued and machine embroidered in the leaves and grass before adding some quilting lines.

I actually made two but as the pallet was Orange Blue and Purple I thought that the Celtic one did not have enough of the purple. I still think it turned out nicely.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vignette Give away

Vignette in Stitches Blog has a fantastic give away.
Vignette issue 2 and a range of fabric from the Melly Hurlston Collection.
To find out more go to this site.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nina and my Flood Auction Quilt

Nina was the happy recipient of this quilt. I was so happy that she won the auction. Here she is smiling with her prize. She tells me she is going to put it under glass which I am very happy with.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

What I have been doing.

I finished a quilt for my husband for his birthday. The back ground has all fishing things on the fabric so he liked it. Actually so do I and it looks nice on our dining room table. I don't think I would get away with that one.
I have been busy sewing little dresses for African Children. A friend goes over each year to work with the children for 2 weeks and I decided to make the dresses as she was telling me they have nothing. Margot helped me sew one day and we got 18 made. I now have 30 plus another 3 a friend made to go with ours.
Until next time keep stitching

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Professor David Green - Mixed Media

I listened to a talk by David Green today at Palmwoods. He was very interesting and I was amazed by his work on canvas and then stitched. I talked to him in length and then asked him if he would look at one of my pieces (Elements) He was so good to tell me about how I could make the piece work together a little more. So now I am going to add to the piece. I hope to have it posted in the next week.
I asked if he would come to Mountain Quilters and talk and he said yes. I am just delighted that we have someone like him here on the coast that is so interested in sharing his work and his time with us.
Here is the link to some of his work.
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Janine's Quilt and Prof. David Green

This is a quilt one of our groups made for a lady that lost her husband. It is made using his shirts. The middle is an embroided cartoon picture of her husband and the embroideries are of things he liked. The top picture was the band he was a member of. I designed the quilt.
Margot and I are off to a talk with Prof .David Green. It should be very interesting as he has done so much in the art world.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ginger Plant

Marian this is the Ginger that I was telling you about.


Flowers in my Garden

Two Dalia's and I love the white and mauve together. This is the first time I have grown the bigger type and I am impressed.

This is just a lovely orchid. I am not much for the names just the colour.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer Postcard Swap

This is one of the postcards I did for a Summer swap. I decided to do something different and did Lizards.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Challenge Favourate Places

This is the piece I did the our challenge in Challenging Ourselves.
There are 20 of us the try and do the challenge each 2 months.

Favourite Places.
I thought and thought what I would do for this challenge. I had different things going on in my mind and could not decide. A couple of weeks ago it all came to me. Favourite Places well my favourite places are my home, the land, dam and gardens. So that is what I did.

It is looking from the road up over the dam to our place. I have not quite got the proportions of the house to the garages right but it is close enough.

First I used the confetti method of cutting up lots of fabric into small pieces of the colour I needed. Blues for the sky and Greens for the hills and randomly quilted them down.

I then appliqué the house onto thick tearaway. It was then stitched to the background.
The gardens were all thread painted on to thick tearaway before stitching to the background.
The road was appliqued on to the background.
I then thread painting the palm trees on to the piece.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grand Total Raised from Auctions and Raffles

I feel I have been honoured to have been part of this wonderful fun raising effort and would like to thank all that were involved in the Auctions and Raffles and not forgetting the bidders. We have all made this happen.

Saturday, January 15, 2011



Queensland Flood Appeal Auction
As I'm sure you are aware that many bloggers are holding Auctions to raise money for the people in our devastated state of Queensland.

All of the money raised at these auctions will go directly to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal.

You can read about the flood here Brisbane Flood

The stories of loss and also courage have ripped our hearts out.

Thank you for coordinating the auctions Toni from Make it Perfect


It is one of my hand dyed sunprinted designs. The piece is free motion quilted.

Size43cm x43cm ( 17" x17 " )

How this auction works:
1. Bidding will start at $40(Australian).
2. You can place a bid by leaving a comment on this blog post with your bid amount and email address. Please make sure that your bid is higher than the previous bidder.
3. Your bid must be in whole dollar increments.
4. This auction is open to everyone, Postage is FREE for All.
5. The auction begins NOW and will END at midnight on Monday 24th January 2011 (Brisbane time).
6. At the close of the auction, I will contact the winner (please make sure your bid comment includes your email address). The winner will pay the winning amount directly into the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and send me proof of payment via email. Once proof of payment has been received, I will post your quilt to you.
7. Thank you for participating and happy bidding!

Please share this auction with as many people as you can.

Thank you Delia

Friday, January 14, 2011

These floods are unbelievable. Nothing like we have ever seen before.

80% of Queensland is in flood or has been.

The flooding is now spreading to NSW.

Click here to donate to the flood appeal

All who are in the flood areas please take care and don't take risks.


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