Thursday, March 25, 2010

Manipulations and Sunglasses Case

The latch hook piece I have been working on has turned into a sunglasses case.
I needed a new one.

I liked doing this but it did take a while to thread the pieces of material through the spaces. I also did a lot of stitching on it to make it quite flat. Margaret did not do so much stitching and hers is more fluffy. I will ask her to bring them along so I can take some pictures. ( I forgot to take the pictures when we were doing them). Margot has left hers with out stitching as yet. She loves it and thinks she will put it into a frame as is.

It is different and there are things that I want to try.

I have been playing around with manipulation again and will probable print the pink one out and stitch and bead it.
Till next time
Keep stitching

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