Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally Back

I am back and don't know where to start my posting.

I had another operation last Monday and hopefully now all will be right and I can resume my life the way I like it.

I think I will start with the Townsville trip.

Lily into my lip gloss. Of course I had to leave it there with her but she is not allowed it unless she asks for it and then used it and gives it back to her mother. That was that rule I made with me and she did not object and she used to paint her brothers lips with it. So cute

Jack out to lunch on Mother's Day. It was my daughters birthday as well.

The other Nanny helping the children on the ropes.

We are at the Queens Park having a picnic.

My grandchildren kept me going up there. I had forgotten just how much energy a two and three year old had. What had to be done to keep them amused. Lots of painting, glueing, walking each day down the back yard to tell stories about the fairies that live in the gum trees there.

Pushing them around on the bikes. Of course they worked but they liked Nanny Darl (as the call me) to push them and of course getting the meals ready at night for them so they could be in bed early. It was just lovely to wake up in the morning with two little faces looking at me saying Nanny are you awake. I would pretend to still be sleeping and they would then jump all over me.

Till next time
Keep stitching and I will post some pictures of the class in Townsville

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello from Townsville

Hi All
I am in Townsville and have recovered well. I will be operated on again on the 24th of May. After that all systems go as I have a bit of catching up to do.
I have taken pictures up here but forgot to bring my camera to computer lead with me. When I get home I will post some pictures of my lovely grandchildren.
I have just about finished my project for a challenge.
I will be teaching at Fibre Arts on Thursday and really looking forward to it.
The group of ladies are just lovely. I had a great time with them last Wednesday. My daughter's friend took me along to two gallery's and we looked at some wonderful work.
Off to do a bit more work on my challenge now while the kids are out.
Keep stitching

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