Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

Chris tasting Ken's venison smoked pastrami.

Tables set up

Brother in Laws Richard and Roger

Kris Delia Amanda Anthony my other sister Dawn

Cutting the Christmas Cake

Betty my sister and Step Mum
My Mother and nephews girlfriend Amanda
Amanda and her family Graham Amanda Paul Chris and Lucy

Christmas Day was at our home this year. It has been many years since we hosted the day as we would spend the day with my sick father at the unit his wife would have at the beach.

It was lovely and everyone enjoyed it so much they voted to come back next year.

I did go all out with gifts for everyone and then I had draws with gifts through out the day. We also had a Kris Kringle and it was so much fun. It went on for 3/4 of an hour. Some did not want to part with their They decided to do that again next year as well.

So much food we did not even get to the coffee and little treats. Even the desserts were hardly eaten. Roast potatoes and veg with the hot meats and gravy were the choice of the day with a lot going back for seconds. Still there was food for people to take home and I have been giving sweets to visitors to take home the lasts days.

I guess it is just about time to go back to stitching

The day before Christmas

In the mail arrive a lovely Christmas Decoration. From my friend in America. Audrey sent this lovely piece with 2010 on the top of the ribbon.

I will treasure this decoration for ever.
Thank you Audrey

Thursday, December 23, 2010


These tree's are being made all over the world.
Miriam my friend in Ireland lost her daughter Emma and designed this tree just before she passed away.

"Emma, my daughter died from Breast Cancer in 2005. She was only 29
years old and left two babies.....Anna was 26 months old and Kate was only
14 months."
The tree is being made all over the world at Christmas time. It is lovely that she can be remembered this way.
If you would like the pattern let me know.
Keep stitching

It's just about Christmas

Here we are again at Chantilly Blue Coffee Lounge in Kilcoy.

Great gift section as well as a cabinet of wonderful jewelery.

Our Jelly Roll group had to go back this year for our Christmas break up as we enjoyed it so much last year. Great staff and fantastic food made for another enjoyable day.

We enjoyed a secret Santa and my gift was this lovely bag. I should not know who made it but I do as I had remarked on the bag at another meeting and I was told it was a make it in an hour bag. Ofcoure I had to look it up on the Internet and yes there was the pattern. I was delighted with the bag and now I don't have to make one for myself.

Don't you just love this art work on the ceiling.
Until next time.
Keep stitching

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy Busy Christmas time

I has been such a busy month that I just realised I have not posted on the site. I could not believe it was a month since I have posted.
I have been out to a heap of breakup parties and still have 4 to go. her is a couple of pictures of the one last week.
It is our Stitch and Bitch group.
Keep Stitching

HELLO I have not posted for a very long time. I could not get into my blog but after an hour finely worked it out. My what have I b...