Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Easiest Bag Tutorial

This is a bag my friend Carol in Townsville designed and it is the easiest bag you will ever make.
Click on image to link to tutorial.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JMD Designs

I am very excited on JMD Designs site I won the weekly give away and I will be receiving 3 patterns of my choice.
I chose a Pansy bag
Camouflage Gecko
Jasper Cats

Go over and have a look at the site and join the weekly giveaway.
You can find the link on my blog.
Until next time keep stitching

Oh I can't upload pictures tonight so will try again tomorrow night.
A bit late but finally did it.
Keep stitching

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Day

What a busy day I had. Actually the past 3 weeks have been so busy I will be glad when this week is over and I can relax.

Lunch again at my favourite place. Bromelaid Cafe Gardens Glenview.

This time I had a lovely time with Nat. She loved the place and I hope we meet there again soon. I remembered to take a pic with food this time. A lovely cheese cake with a biscuit base.

I also made a little container to keep my mobile phone in. I needed this in a hurry and I am pleased with the way it turned out. I used felt for the lining.

Until next time.
Keep stitching.

Greek Afternoon

We had a lovely lunch at our Greek friends. Lovely food and company. I forgot to take pictures of the food. I will have to start to remember to do this.
Even our dog enjoyed the day.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stitch and Bitches


Well here we are at my favourite restaurant again. Bromelaid Cafe at Glenview

It has been nice to catch up with friends and what a nice venue. All the groups have been so impressed with this cafe. It was a stinking hot day but sitting out under the gazebo there was a lovely breeze blowing and we were so comfortable. As you can see. Here we moved onto the grass for pictures but decided to stay there till after 3.00pm. My husband can not understand we see each other every week and then have to spend 5 hours having lunch. I told him it was secret women's business.

I have a new camera and I did not realize I have to put in the memory card so I was only able to take a few pictures and of course I had it on high res.

Will post some more tomorrow and yes off to the cafe again this time for breakfast. I will try and remember to take some of the food.

Keep stitching

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is the quilt I finily finished.

I made some of these little treasures again. I love them.
This quilt has been a UFO for so long I can't remember. It was a free monthly online. I will see if I can remember or find who's it was and post.
I was so disappointed as the final boarder stretched. I have never had that happen to a quilt before. I will wet it one day and pin it out and see if I can stretch it into shape.
Got to go husband needs to be feed.
Keep stitching.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dinner at neighbours

We had a lovely dinner at a neighbours place last night. His mother was up from Canberra. The night before we had them over. We had a bit to much wine. All fun and we are laughting about the headaches now. Both night were wonderful for her.

Another friend and his family were also there along with his wife's mother. It was so nice to see the older people fitting in so well and enjoying their self.

Well it is the party season and it is such a shame we leave it all to December to catch up when we could be doing it all year long.
Till next time
Keep stitching (I am just not finished enough to post)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wonderful day with Scquilters

Here we are a happy group of Scquilters at the Bromelaid Cafe Glenview.
Andrea Delia (Del) Sharron Lorraine Bernadine
Andre's 5 year old grandson took this picture. Didn't he do a great job.

The quilt that I worked on yesterday. It is a Christmas table cloth for our daughter and family. It is a disappearing 9 patch. I love this quilt it goes together so fast and can be made so many different ways. I backed and quilted the quilt but used no wadding.
Bernadine is helping me hold the quilt up as Andrea took the picture.
Until next time keep stitching
Delia (Del)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day of the Month

I thought I needed a change on the blog so I have given it a new look.
I hope you like it.
Off to sew something.
What!!!! who knows till I get there. It is lovely to have nothing that you have to do and just decide when I get into the studio.
Keep stitching.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Things I have been messing around with.

I have been having fun in my studio since I had the big clean out last week. 2 days and 2 nights till 2 and 3.00am but it was worth it. Everything is back where it should be. I just can't work when things get out of hand. You never put things back the way they were and the insides of the cupboards really did need re tidying. When you have people in working it is hard to keep it all in order.

These little treasures were in a Quilting Arts ebook. I just love the way they turned out.

Flowers that I have experimenting with. I ended up coating them with varnish and then stroked on some glitter. Not bad for a first try.

Another dairy and a double cutter keeper with the fabric I made the other day.

An applique tea towel for a friend at Christmas.

Tutorial for Fabric Beads

Fabric Beads are a fun project to do.

A strip of material 16" long x 2" wide makes a nice bead.

A strip of material 16"x7" will make 6 beads.

The first cut will be on an angle on the 16" side of material. Cut from the tip (16" side)to the other end 1" in on the 7" side of material. The next cut will be from the 7" side (where you just cut to. This will for a point) and in 2" at the other end. This will give you a triangle 16" long and 2 inches wide one end with a point at the other end. Keep cutting in this way alternating each end so there will be a point and a 2" strip for each bead.

Spray the strip with basting spray. I now glue a 1/4 seam on the 2" end. This just secures the piece before rolling. I like to use this glitter glue but can use anything.

Roll the beads as tightly as you can around a knitting needle. It will come off quite easily later. I like to do 3 to a needle.

A finished rolled bead. Secure the little end with a bit of glue.
Now to make them water proof use this product.
Don't over do it as it will take to long to dry.
In Australia it is available at Spotlight.
When using this glue you can also add your glass beads or glitter when it is wet.
Other wise you can glue them in place later with craft glue.

I place the needles in a styrene ball in a glass to dry.
When totally dry spray with vanish. You can paint the vanish on but spraying is so fast.
When dry you can use the beads in a number of way.
They look nice grouped together or made into tassels for scissors or phones. Or just as a decoration on bags or notebooks.
I am going to make a head piece with some when I get time.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
Have fun

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fabric Beads

These are the beads I created yesterday. I asked a friend over to have a go with me and we had a hoot of a time.
I had asked the girls in a couple of groups for instruction as I was not quite sure and then I remembered another friend had been making them and putting on clothing. I decided to give her a ring and she gave me the low down on how to make them so they could be washed.
Keep stitching

I covered a diary with the the fabric I created the other day. See post below and also a glasses or rotary cutter pouch. I think method could be used for a stack of different things.
You can see a fabric bead on the one diary.
Keep stitching

Little Gifts

The gifts I was given at one of our Christmas breakup this week. I felt pretty special to receive these from the girls.

A envelope to keep my hand work in as well as inside is a design ready for embroidering.
The second is a pin cushion and a scissors case. It would also double as a lipstick and compact powder keeper.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elvis Parsley at Grapelands

Sue Robyn Heather Leone Marg Barbara Lyn Del Sue

What a lovely day we had today. I met Sue, Marg, Sue and Barbara at Beerwah and Sue took us on a nostalgia trip over to Kilcoy. On the way we stopped at Woodford for a coffee and cake and on to Grapelands with Elvis singing to/with us. Well Marg did most of the singing. Now he did not have his dress up gear on but the voice was fantastic. The singing greengrocer. I want to go back and get my vegetables every week. (what a shame it is to far away)

Then over Commissioner Flat Road where Barbara told us stories of where she lived and where she met her husband. On to Kilcoy where my friend Judy at Chantilly Lace organised the most delicious lunch and coffee for us. Of course we could not resist the gift and jewellery they have. A most beautiful coffee and gift shop. I would recommend this to anyone if they are going through Kilcoy

We had a look around the town. At one of the shops a few of us brought these lovely chunky silver neck laces and then home. A most enjoyable end to our year of quilting with the Jelly Rolls.
Keep stitching till next time
Delia (Del)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fancy Stripping

This is my first attempt at this and I am pleased with the result.

I think I will put the one strip into a diary cover for a friend.

It was fun to do.

I have just about finished tidying the studio. I was up till 2.00am last night and I think if I stay up tonight again it will be done.

No it was not that messy just that I have taken every thing out of the cupboards and stacked the material back into the right colour codes and re stacked everything else. Now every thing is put away again in its right place. Funny how when you are working you don't alway put it back where it should be.

Happy stitching till next time.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello I have been having a bit of a funny couple of days. With the weather so hot up here in Queenlsand and my air con in the studio gone on the blink. I have brought a machine into the house to do some quilting and sewing but I just can't get my head around anything and to quilt is imposable. I don't know how I ever did it in the house before.

I have made some ATC and a postcard for a swap.

I used to do heaps of these swaps but have not done any for a couple of years and I really enjoyed it.

I am not going to do some fancy stripping of fabric. Just little bits and then later will try my hand at fabric beads. I am not sure how this is done but will be trial and error.

What do you think of the ATC?

Keep smiling


Friday, November 13, 2009

Glenview Bromelaid Cafe

I had a lovely morning at the Bromelaid Cafe with our Jelly Roll girls.

Our group had each made a block to be placed in the quilt and then we pieced it together and another member (longarm quilter) quilted the quilt.

A lovely surprise for the recipient.

We had decided to do this instead of making a gift for each of the group this Christmas. Well of course how many cushions table runners table toppers can you have.

We all enjoyed making this quilt that we have decided to do another one next year.

Until next time keep smiling

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