Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back after a few day working with my friend

Hello again

I am back after 4 days working with my friend on many items.
Sunday my husband and I went to Brisbane to her home and I stayed till Tuesday.

Monday off we go to the Pine Rivers Gallery where there is a showing of Margaret Barnett Shibori. What wonderful use of colour and mixed media ideas. I hope you Brisbane girls can get along and see it. This is two of the pieces that I loved.

Home we go after doing over a couple of fabric shops to do some serous sewing. Margot decided to clean her studio up as I worked. She said she like to do it when I was there as it was boring other wise. I made a few small bags then settled in to make a bag that will be my next pattern. She loved the bag so now it has a new home.

I then finished off my thread bags. I love these bags so easy to ware and can be used for day or night ware.

Tuesday to Jelly Rolls at our friend Lyn's home in Moryafield. It was great to catch up with the girls. Eleven of us met once a month and at present we are working on a charity quilt. Late in the afternoon we headed home to my place.
On the way home we collected some leaves as we wanted to do sun dying on Wednesday. We had liquid amber and gum leaves but I wanted to hunt for some long gum leaves. We found a few poor specimens and headed home. As we drove into our property I could not believe it there hanging over our neighbours front fence was a long gum leaf tree. So out I go and pick some. Beautifully formed leaves. Just what I was looking for.

My husband had gone deep sea fishing so we continued to sew until 2.00am (same as we did at Margot's home on Sunday and Monday nights)

I finished one of the four pieces I am working on for the Palmwoods Art Show.
Fungi is the theme for this piece. I still do not know what to call it. Any ideas?

Up and into Sun Painting today. Lucky we had a morning of sun so we got quite a lot done. Here are a few of the pieces. She had never dyed/painted fabric before and just love it.


Down to visited the local quilting group in Mooloolah after lunch. We had a free day at Mounting Quilters and as we are no longer on committee decided to take the opportunity to visit this group.

Home again where we then put some finishing touches to some of the items we are making. It was then after five and she had to head back to Brisbane to her husband.

What a great way to spend a few day. Next Monday she will be back to go to the opening of the Art Show in Palmwoods. I have another friend staying over that night and we are planning on doing a new technique with some latch hook and fabric.
I am in need of some sleep and it is passed midnight so I am heading to bed.
Keep Stitching


Dolores said...

What an interesting time you've had and thanks for sharing these. I love the sun dyed pieces.

tisme said...

I love the sun dyed pieces! That would be a great tutorial. :) ;)
I think you fungi piece is awesome!
The colors make it stand out.
If it were mine, I would call it
"Fungi A-Go-Go! lol
But not sure if the translation would work in Australia.

Debbie said...

The fabrics you sun dyed are great! I did some last summer and had good results. Seeing your new pieces makes me want to try more!

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