Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I can't believe it is the 23rd of the month already. Where has the time gone.

I hosted out Stitch and Bitch group today. We make bears and dolls. 10 ladies attending 2 were visitors. We had a great time lots of laughter and nonsense going on. I just love these people and the quality of the work we do is fantastic.

Instead of making a doll today I finished 3 more sets of ATC.

This set is called Trying to Catch up.
I have painted vilene when dry ironed it onto green felt. Couched down some gold thread and sewed some beads to part of the gold thread.

After the girls left I did cut out and sew up a doll now I have to make the face and stuff it.

I have made two butterflies sets. One is called Out of the Dark and the other Wonderful World. Out the Dark is a piece of net fabric with butterflies embellished on which I cut our and added beads.
Wonderful World I have painted the back fabric then added a cut out of a butterflies (same fabric as above then a few beads.
I do my backings different to most. I add a piece of net (sometimes onion bag) to the back and leave it open at the top so I can slip in a business card with the details of the swap printed on it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The rain finely gone well for a day or so

Yesterday and today we had a lot less rain and the yard is finely starting to dry out.

The grass is getting quite long out back where my DH could not cut it for a week.

I had a nice day at home today after the ATC day at Absolutely Patchwork was cancelled.

I made my journal quilt and finished 4 ATC. I have the others partly done so tomorrow all going well I will finish them.

Here is my days effort. I had promised myself that I would work on my Japanese quilt but hay this was more fun.

I have called my jourunal quilt 'Autumn is Here'

ATC Mock Seminole

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just feel like looking at quilts

I have been up early washed the floors and washed and spent the last couple of hours looking at quilts on the Internet.

Paducah quilts look wonderful.

So after all that I decided to post a couple more of mine here.

This little quilt was done as a challenge. The border (fat quarter) was given to us. I decided to cut every little bit out and make a scene. I called it Bush Watering Hole.

I was the winner of the challenge last year when Mountain Quilters hosted the Q2 Picnic.

This next one is of a Glitz quilt I called Fantasia. It is all bits and pieces of scraps, cords ribbons beads all put together with different techniques.

I really enjoyed doing this quilt and want to do a lot more. There are a lot of techniques that you can use for Postcards and ATC used in it.

This is a Table Runner I did for Christmas for my daughter. I just loved doing it and the tenchneiques are wonderful. It is a Helen Godden pattern.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

This Week

Well seems things are hotting up again for another busy year with many group days already planned. I have made spreadsheet up for our little Bear and Doll (STITCH and BITCHES) so we know what we are doing for the year. I also have the spreadsheet set out for Mountain Quilters with a lot of the events already earmarked. Mountain Quilters are having our bi annual quilt show in May so the club will be busy. The charity quilt is all but finished with just the bindings to go on. We start our quilting days back next Wednesday. I have some of the girls making up the little broaches. We give one to each person attending the show.

Last Thursday a few scquilters met at Absolutly Patchwork Maroochydore for a get together. It was a shame with the bad weather only a few turned up.

The next one planned for February is going to be at Sue Daley's Kindred Spirits B&B at Eumundi. I am hoping a lot more will turn up. We are planning on a High Tea and I can vouch for the wonderful food and day we will have with Sue.

I have been working on my Japanese quilt. I managed to get the hairpieces crochet, beaded and put onto each block (25) this week and started quilting the blocks. I am quilting as you go as I can't manage a large quilt in my machine with the arthrites in my hands and shoulders now.

I have my ATC and Journal quilt material set out ready to start. I like to put the materials and a few odds and ends out where I can look at them for a few days and find all of a sudden the inspiration will come to me as to what I should do with it.

Yesterday was our grand daughters 1st birthday. Being so far away I was heart broken not to be there with them but with the computers and cams of today I was about to see her blow out the candle as it happened. Or maybe I should have said try and pull out the candle. Today I received by email beautiful pictures of her. She had her first hair cut last week and no longer a baby now a little girl. I was quite surprised the difference it made.

Her is a picture of her on her 1st Birthday.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Well the New Year is here and what a busy social Season we have had. I am glad it is over and can now settle down to my lifestyle for the next year. Saying that it was lovely to catch up with many people this year who we had not seen for a long time.

I have uploaded some ATC that I did for swaps last year and one of the post cards that was published in Down Under Quilts.
The top picture is of a piece of material I dyed using Genesis paints. I then make two bags with the fabric. Again I will try to take a picture of one (one I have given away) and post.
The rain looks like it is easing a bit on the coast now but as we live inland to the coast we seem to get a lot more. I think we have had 10 inches in the last week. Sometimes we can get 14 inches over night.
Till next time take care and have fun stitching.


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