Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008


I tried out Neroli's directions for making leaves.
Here are the result not as good as hers but they are ok.
The left overs I scrunched together and heated them and got some nice shapes to use in cards or atc's later

Looks like the blog will not add photoes just now so will post them later

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A day just doing what I wanted to do in the Studio

Today I had a fun day and did a couple of projects.
As well I cut the side panels for the stack slash quilt I hope to finish on Wednesday.

These flowers are made using heat bond heavy weight to bond two pieces of material together. Cut out the shape then heated with iron again and hold together in your hand till they set.
Fun little things to do.

The red one looks like it has a lot of lose petals but really it is just the flower that was on the fabric.

This is a little journal quilt made from the painting I did a couple of weeks ago. I was pleased that I was able to make it look like the painting.
Well another week and not long to Easter. This year is just flying.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I had forgotten something else. I had organised a postcard swap to run over 10 months with 10 cards to be swapped. These are the cards I made for the swap. Only 8 here as two members were not able to attend the morning tea where we took the cards to show off each other what we received. Each month one of the participants put in 5 small objects in an envelope and then passed to the 9 people and one set to themselves. We were to make a card with the pieces and send to the person we were allotted for that month.

We had a lot of fun and this years we are going to do A3 size quilts with different technique's each month but we will not swap them. We will be adding to our collection.
It was a lot of fun and next years should be exciting also.

Oh fogot to mention my painting

A friend has got me to pick up my brushes after many many years of not touching them. Not that I am any great artist but I used to be quite good at folk art. My hand shakes a bit now so could not do it. I am pleased with this funny emu. I also did a fabric textured piece but had to leave it at her place to dry. We had planned to paint again yesterday but she came down with a terrible flu and it has gone to her chest. In a few weeks time we will plan another painting day.
Until next time you all take care and have fun.

Helen Stubbins workshop at Sue Daley's

Tuesday I attended a wonderful workshop at Sue Daley's.

Helen Stubbins from Hugs and Kisses taught us the Colourque technique.

We had a lovely day. Helen was organised and had slides shows all right at her finger tips. She made us all at ease and made sure she checked on what we were doing all the time. We did not have to wait for her to come around she was moving all the time. A big class and I can only say she was a terrific tutor.

I am posting a picture of my piece. It is not finished I am still doing the stitching around the flowers. I will then make it into a little quilt for the wall.

Of course Sue had a wonder meal for us at lunch and morning and afternoon tea.

I wonder what else I have forgot to say today.

It seems I have had a busy couple of weeks.

Textile Art group

Last week I attended a Textile Art group in Palmwoods. What a lovely group of ladies. I just had to join the group and came away with lots of inspiration. They made a paper using fabric, PVC and tissue paper. They were so good they gave me the material so I could make a sheet.

Mine was very basic but some of the girls had cotton threads pieces of other material and objects in theirs. I have yet to try it out.

Tomorrow I will have a day to play around and see what I can do.

This week I have been busy quilting and finished a quilt I have had in the stash for about a year.

Then I still felt like quilting so off I went and made a special baby quilt for the new grand child we are expecting in about 4 weeks time. It is the same as I made for a friends grand child 18 months ago.I am now quilting my oriental quilt and have to have it all quilted for when I go north. As I am quilting as I go there is a fair amount of hand sewing to do on it.

I almost forgot I made a bag yesterday. I now wish I would have written it down as I went to do a pattern. Oh well will have to do another the same and write as I do it.

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