Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flooding Everywhere

Smileycons!We have not seen rain like this so wide spread for over 20 years.

In our area we have schools and roads closed everywhere. The dams are at a record high not seen in 20 years in Queensland. The river systems are starting to flow and hopefully the Darling Murry system will benefit from this rain.

I have been working on a quilt today for a challenge in our quiting group. We were given two fat quarters of fabric. One is the gold and the other is the dull gold silver I have used for the boarders and sashing. I was going to go all glitzy but then I had to do a class on the origami kimono so decided to do this with the fabric. I was surprised it did not fray very much. I am pleased with the way it all turned out.

I have made this little camera case for volunteer that helps Mum sometimes when the home takes the ladies on an outing. I noticed the other day she had a camera the same as mine with no case.

This is the first strip in a lesson I am taking on Seminole with Learningfa.I have enjoyed doing this strip (more to come) as it is a long time since I have done any Seminole.

I have a bit of an easy day and not minding the rain at all. I have been sad as our beautiful billy goat must have been bitten by a snake and we found him dead at the front of the pens. We had seen him a few hours before and he was fine. No other reason but to be a snake as he was only 3 years old and fit as a fiddle. The nanny's will miss him as we do.

Keep stitching


Carol said...

Our patchwork group are doing a workshop in seminole too! Seems to have made a comeback. Your piece is wonderful. And I love your kimino pieces. The flowers work very well with them, too. Did you make those? We've got sunny skies at the moment. Hope you're drying out?

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Carol
Yes the flowers and leaves I made. The sun is trying show through but so wet everywhere.
What do you think of my new colours?
Thanks Del

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