Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi All
Happy New Year and may 2009 be all you wish for.

It is well into the new year now. I have had a very busy time and the time flew by.

I have had a visitor from South Australia I had not seen for over 6 years. We had a great time together. I picked her up and took her along to our Stitch and Bitch Doll and Bear group. She could not stop laughing at the way we all talked to each other and gave ideas to any project that anyone was thinking of making. Then deciding what we would all do on what day and who's house the next meetings were going to be for the next year. Only 8 of us in the group and we don't want any more as 8 is a great number to work with. On the way home I called in at Barb's home and we had a lovely conversation and of course more eats.

She did not want to do the tourist things with me as her friend was coming to stay with us the last night and they were then heading off up the coast to do that.

She decided she wanted to go shopping so off we go to the Plaza. She found a couple of nice outfits - me None as I will be losing weight this year and will wait till then. (Lapband on 2nd Feb.)

Next day she wanted to see a Nursery so off we went first one at the foothills of Buderim and then to an up marked one with a cafe and gift shop attached. We had a ton of fun looking in there and oh buying of course. She brought my husband a chili plant. She insisted on buying me a plant so in the end I chose a passionfruit vine. Both doing well in our garden.

Next week I had my friend Margot up and we played in my studio and designed and sewed 7 items out of a small scrap a girl had given me end of last year. I have to put that in to a class now.

I have been busy cleaning the house and cleaning and tiding cupboards. I want it all to be spic and span before I have the op. The studio got a really good going over and is now lovely and tidy again. I can't work if it is in a mess. Margot went home to give hers the once over as well.

I made these little wine glass holders and gave out about 30 of them over the Christmas and New Year break. You put the stem into the centre and it stops the condensation dripping onto you when you are drinking.

I just love this doll. I made her for my friend Claire's 60th birthday. Along with the doll I gave her a scroll with what a true friend is. She read it out and we all had a good laugh. Her daughter had organised a high tea for her friends. It was lovely but can't bet Sue Daley at her B & B.
Till next time take care and keep sewing.

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