Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Morning at Art Show

I back from my duty morning at the Art Show. Very busy I did not sit down for the 4 hours. A lot of comments on the show and very positive.
I feel the show should go on show somewhere else now and that was one of the comments from a lot of people.
I have finished row 5 of my Seminole and so pleased it did not take as long as the forth row.
I have also been fiddling around with some latch hook rugging. Not really sure if I like it yet. I think I will make a glasses case out of this piece.

Keep stitching



Carol said...

Would be great if you could bring the art show to Townsville next time you come!

Your thread painting of the trees is wonderful. Did you free motion embroider it? You're a very talented lady!

Delia (Del) said...

Yes it would be hay. I think it will be traveling a bit on the coast and maybe in one of the books. I have to send you the pictures of it also. I have forgotton just not had the time.
Yes I did free motion embroider the trees. It was fun to do.
Me tatented mmm what about you?
Catch you soon

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