Saturday, September 21, 2013

East Coast Fabrics on the Sunshine Coast.

Look what I got at East Coast Fabrics today.
We have a new store on the Sunshine Coast at
The Zone
32 Wises Rd
All fabric $5.99 a metre. Will be $7.99 after today but they have this special every now and again.
I can't wait to get started on this one. The panel print is two big birds with 8 smaller ones. I will cut them all out then strip the coloured fabric in 1 to 2.5inch strips and add to the panels to make it a double or queen size quilt.
I was so happy to see this. I had already purchased really wide curtain material to make a bedspread at $1.99 a metre down from $9.99 a metre and material to make kaftans. I was in the car and I notices this Jacobean print on the window. I had to go back in side and buy it.
Keep stitching

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I have my latest art quilt home. After being shown in a show it was then chosen to go on show for a further 4 weeks.
It is the first I have made in about 18 months so I hope I am on my way with creating again. The theme was "Year of the Snake" and we were given a pack of items that we had to use in the making.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hello there I am back after a year off from quilting and art.

Hello to my friends around the world.
After taking a year off from my love of art quits and quilting I am back. I have not posted on the blog or really done a lot at all. I needed this time to refresh and get a grip on what I wanted to do. Do I know yet NO. I have started working in another field but can do that part time and at my leisure so very happy with that.
First I decided not to rejoin my quilt groups as there was too many family pressures happening and other things in my life going on. I have been spending a lot of week days with a friend in Brisbane. She had a huge operation earlier this year. She is just about to have another operation this Monday. I guess I will be spending time with her again when she comes out of hospital. We love to quilt together and bounce off each other. We don't seem to get a lot done if not working together. I have just started to finish and quilt a few of my UFO.
I will post a few of the things I have toyed with over the year. I have made a few teddy bears. I don't know why but crochet a lot of teapot cozies. They came in handy for Christmas presents last year.
 Basket weaving class at Palmwoods.
 Flower felting at Palmwoods.
 Teapot Cozy.
 Hanging Bear. These hang over chair or door handles.
 Cute as this little fellow. I also did a big crouching down bear for my sister's 60th but I must not have taken a picture of it. All bears are hand stitched.
Elephant for a challenge but I may have posted it before.
So as you can see I have not done a lot but I am hoping to start art quilting again soon. I do have one art quilt but it is on show with 3 of my dolls so I will have to wait till they arrive home to take pictures.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fiona Jackson workshop

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to do a workshop with Fiona Jackson. Oh what a lovely day we had and a great teacher. I chose to have a kit and everything was in the kit. Right down to the threads freezer paper and pen and pencil. All I had to do was take the sewing machine and general sewing items and turn up. How easy is that?

Here are a few of Fiona's art pieces. I was blown away with her work.

I decided to do the Strelitzia above in the class. I still have a lot of machine quilting to do on the piece. I need more practice to do so many straight

Keep stitching
I have just written a class for this felted knitting bag for Learningfa. A yahoo group I teach on based in Canada. It was a lot of fun and nice to get my felting machine out and use again.
Keep stitching

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Machine Felting

I have finely had time to do a bit of relaxing in the studio
I made a small felted piece on the felting machine. It is such a long time since I have done any of this work and enjoyed it. I also made a few sample for a class I have to put together for Learingfa.

Top left a piece compleatly covered with wools  and the other two smal samples.

Keep stitching

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi I am back home after a 10 day break in Melbourne. I caught up with friends I had not seen for 9, 7 and 4  years. I stayed with my Internet friend of 12 years Pattie and her family. We have kept in contact all these years and have visited each other before. We had a lovely time and even walked Hanging Rock.

My other long time Internet friend Susan came over from Adelaide to spent 3 days in the Motel with me in the city. Sue won at the Casino two nights running. We also did a bit of shopping in the city and markets.
Del Sue and Laila
Deb and Sue  I met at a conference at the Gold Coast 4 years ago. Deb took me shopping to her favourite shops. New bag dress and boots from this trip.

Neroli another art quilter who I met on the net about 7 years ago. Neroli and I shared some ideas before heading out for a meal and the sites of St Kilda. OH Chocolate heaven at one place. We never stopped chatting from the minute we met till we parted.

I also met a group of girls from a forum at the Corner Hotel for lunch. Laila another 12 year Internet friend came along.  I had the best pizza I have every had in my life. Crisp thin base and heaps of meat on top.

Pattie Laila Sue and myself met 12 years ago on a forum and met in person at a get together in Melbourne 9 years ago and have always kept in contact.

 Del I did it at Hanging Rock.

I just can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to be with all these people and hope we get the chance to do it again.