Monday, July 12, 2010

Well here is the give away

Hello to you all.
I am well over the 10,000 visits now and thank you for coming and looking at what I have been up to.

To win the fabric below become a follower if not already and leave a message under comments. You could win this lovely piece of sun dyed fabric.
Size 23" inches x 21.5" 58cm x 56cm

To win two pieces add a link to my blog on your blog. Then if you win this piece will be your as well.

Size 20" x 11.5" 51cm x29cm
I will be drawing the fabric on the 22nd of July.
I am happy if you win to post to anywhere.
Good luck and keep stitching


Anonymous said...

Hi Delia,
You fabric is just lovely.
I have tried but not successful to add you to my web page.

pat said...

Hi Delia,
I love your fabrics espically the one with the leaves.
Beautiful colors.

Gudrun said...

Greetings Delia,
We are linked thru the
'Challenging' group.
Those are lovely fabrics, and your very generous.

Mary said...

Love the look of your fabric.I posted a link to your site . hope I can be included in the drawing . Thanks, for the offer . hugs, Mary

lalheg said...

I've swooned and then followed

lalheg said...

I've linked to your blog for a second entry

Judy Ellsworth said...

Beautiful work, as always, Delia. Whoever wins it will have a treasure. I added a link to my blog.

Teri M. said...

Beautiful Delia! I'd love to be in your drawing. You are so inspiring!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

By love of giveaways got me here....grin. Your fabrics are gorgeous!

Billie in TX

Anonymous said...

Your fabric is beautiful. I have never tried this but it looks like it would be something interesting to give a go. I love reading blogs from around the world. It is interesting to see what goes on in other places besides my little corner of Indiana.

Tennye said...

What fabulous fabric, I have to ask you though how do you know how many views? I would love to know how many check mine.

c said...

wow those are beautiful, if i didnt win, i would like the scraps
been reading your blog off and on

SewMary430 said...

Your fabric is lovely and if I win I am sure that I would work it into the next quilt that I make. Things have been quite busy around here with all that has happened. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Delia
Wow what a beautiful fabric creation. Would love to be trying to decide what to do with it LOL

Sharon said...

Wow Delia this is awesome. But then you have so much inspiration on your blog. And while I am at it I will say Thank you for putting it all out there.....The fabric is lovely...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love sun dyed fabrics. The subtle design elements and gorgeous colours are inspiring. I have happily added a link on my blog. Happy printing

Suzanne`s Blog said...

Hi Delia. I love your fabrics you are very talented. I am trying to set my blog up. Hugs Sue McPhee

suedee said...

Hi Delia,
Love your fabrics, wish I had a blog to put in a second entry. Keep on (sun) dyeing, it's a lot of fun.

MargieAnne said...

Oh yes. I'd just love one of your fabrics.

I've linked to you on my Blog

Lindi said...

Hi Delia! I am in love with both of those beautiful pieces. I am already a follower and I'm off now, to post about your generous giveaway on my blog. (How can you possibly bear to part with them?)

Anonymous said...

Love tgat fabric, and your blog.
Congratulations on reaching over 10000 visits.
Have a good day , Margaret in Cooroy

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Girls thanks for entering the give away.
You have to download one of the programs that tell you.
On my blog you will see live feed strip and above it how many have looked.
Thanks girls

Fran C said...

Hi Delia
Your fabrics are truly lovely and I have added a link to your blog I was sure it was already there but it wasn't
I plan to do some fabric dying soon collecting all the requirements and look out for some different fabrics.

Deborah said...

Lovely fabric - a real inspiration


Skye said...

These are incredible!!! I would love to try my hand at such artistic beauty but I doubt I could do anything as gorgeous..Very very pretty...Congratulations from a member of CHALLENGE!! hugs, Skye

Deb McLean said...

I'm just finding your blog and love your fabrics. Thanks, for inspiring us with your art. Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Delia,
I have been following your blog since I joined Learning FA a few months ago and I love how you have updated it. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous and I hope I win!!. You are one talented lady
Diane in Melbourne, Vic

pojeda said...

Wow! Your fabric is beautiful! I would do my best to work your fabric into a quilt! So pretty!

pojeda said...

I am now following your blog!

Moira said...

Lovely Fabric! The Fern piece is esp. lovely.


Maryjo said...

I would be so excited to win this is stunning! What a generous give away...hope I win! Thank you for all that you share with us.

quiltstonegal said...

I love your fabric. Do you sell it? I saw your picture. Wow, I wish I looked so beautiful. I see you like Janet Evanovich. ME TOO! If you ever get to Nebraska, come visit the Omaha Quilters Guild. I would love for them to have you as the guest speaker. Your tutorial for the flower art quilts is great and easy to understand. Thanks.

earth visitor said...

you are an inspiration and what beautiful fabric

Silly said...

Glad I found your page, the fabrics are gorgeous.

fabricpixie said...

Your sun print/dye fabrics are wonderful. I enjoy sun dyeing but have not had luck with the 'printing' part.

would love to win one of your fabrics!

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

Chris Dahl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Dahl said...

Sorry for the repeat entry, but I put in something wrong the first time.
Anyway, please pick me! I would love to win your lovely fabrics. And have added your blog to my "blog links" page
Thanks for offering this lovely prize. btw I also sent out a message on twitter for you too!

DonnaRae said...

Beautiful Fabric. Sure hope I am an winner. If not I will still be around. (-;
Donna Rae

glader said...

I entered a comment yesterday but don't see if here. I don't know if I did it right. I would be excited to recieve your fabric. I spent the day today altered a wedding gown.

RedHeadedQuilter said...

Beautiful! I love sun printed fabric!

Ramona said...

Hello Delia,

Your work has come a long way from the post cards you introduced my to. The calming colours and understated beauty has drawn me to this artfom. It beats tye dye, batik or screen printing...remember those days?:)


Sharyn said...

Hi Delia
This fabric is beautiful. How do you do it?

Nancy in IN said...

These are beautiful. I especially like the leaves. I haven't tried sun-dyeing fabric but have done the microwave and shaving cream. Sun wouldn't be as messy.
Nancy in IN

Anonymous said...

Hi Delia,

I just love your fabric. It is so
beautiful. I am putting my name into the hat for these two fabric. I just love the look and the colors.The leaves and ferns are so soft.

Keep on making new fabrics.
Take Care,

Bec Clarke said...

I would feel lucky but naughty to win another one but I have to enter, they are so beautiful

Delia (Del) said...

Thank you to all you girls for your nice coments and good luck to you all. I wonder who it will be?

Chris thank you for putting it on twitter.I am not in there should I be?

Quiltstonegirl.Thank you.Yes I do sell the fabric.

Fabricpixi Do you use the right paint for sundying? This could ne your problem.

Romona Yes we have come a long way since the cards that is for sure.

Sharyn in a nut shell you paint the wet fabric and put on leaves or something and place it in the sun to dry. You do have to have the right paint to do this with.

Joann I checked you site and thank you.

Bec good luck again.

butrfly2200 said...

Wow, that fabric is lovely. I will also try to add you to my web page. Maybe copy and paste will work..
Thanks for the chance to win. I also belong to Learningfa with you.

Delia (Del) said...

hi Carol when you make a post in your blog you will see in the above icons one that looks a bit like glasses. Use this to add the address of my blog.

Dolores said...

Delia, your fabrics are gorgeous. I already do follow you.

HELLO I have not posted for a very long time. I could not get into my blog but after an hour finely worked it out. My what have I b...