Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

I have just made my mother this little glasses case for Mothers Day.
It is a latch hook base with strips of material and wool threaded through the holes. I used felt for the inside.
It is beautiful weather up here on the Sunshine Coast. I love this time of the year.
Yesterday I went to the beach for a few hours and walked then came back to the car and read for a while. The sun seems to get right into your bones when it is not burning hot. It makes me sleepy so then I have a good nights sleep.
Keep stitching

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I took a group of people to our lovely restaurant in Glenview last week.
I wish I would have taken a picture of the meals as they look and tasted so good.
Here is a look at the setting and I would recommend you go check it out.
Lovely atmosphere and food. I could sit for hours in the setting.
They have catered for so much. A small children enclosed area, an older children area with computer
games, smoker and pet area. NOW that is fantastic to see.

Some of the resort is still being built.

This is what they will eventually cater for

Corporate Gatherings

Breakfast/Luncheon Meetings

Training/Education Seminars

Cocktail parties

Family Events

Intimate Weddings

Alfresco Dining

High Teas

Tropical Pool/Spa

Pet Area/Smoking Area

Art Mural display

Toddles and Older Kids Area

Resort Style Luxury Accommodation

Fully Furnished Serviced Rooms and Units

Have a great day

Hi All 
My latest challenge for ChallengingOurSelves Group
This is my Beauty from Ashes and I called him SOOTY. He is done on a piece of my sun dyed fabric. I think he looks a bit scared and just running out of a fire. I am still to put on his whiskers and do the edging. I am not sure if I will just bind it or add a black boarder and then do a scroll around the edge. I will post whatever I decide to do.
 Keep stitching Delia

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