Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello again

These posts go to the bottom first so I am again saying hello to you all again. I have post quite a lot today to bring you up to date with what I have been doing.

I am showing you a little of what of I achieved in the last months. It has been a long cold winter and I did not feel like doing a lot with the craft/quilting. I am away for two weeks and then I will be back into doing things again. I am off to see the grandchildren and I can't wait.
This is a class I attended last week. I was really pleased with the way the blocks came out.
Now what will I do with this piece. It was to be a wall hanging but maybe it would be lovely as an evening bag. What do you think?

A Teddy made out of chenille for my grand daughter.
Emus I just love painting these little guys.
These are two of the painting I have compleated. I donated the elephant painting to a Cancer evening along with another one. I can't wait to see who the new home will be for them.
Elephants Textured I just love how this turned out when highlighted.
I have started to paint again after years. Sharmayne was the one that encouraged me to paint agan. I can only mess around no great artist here but it has been fun and relaxing.

Well I am back at last

Chinese Steam Boat Dinner.
This is Sharmaye my friend after we came home from the house boat. It is taken the night my husband and I cooked the Chinese Steam Boat Dinner.
These fish were caught when my husband took Wayne (from England) out deep sea fishing. Wayne was so thrilled. He had never seen fish that size before.

This is our dam filled to the brim with the rain we had about 6 weeks ago.
This is our lovely little minature Red Cattle Dog. Spoilt but hay we love her.

I can not believe that it was June that I last posted. I will try and post pictures of what I have been up to in the next couple of weeks.
I have some I can post now of when I went on the house boat with my Girlfriend and 6 of her friends that I did not know. We had a fantastic time enjoyed the waters of the Great Sandy Straights. We ate a few fish and crabs danced and sang the nights away. I want to go do it again. We had such a relaxing time and we all go on so well. I don't think I heard a cross word spoken the time we were on that trip. Very busy when I arrived home. With 3 dinners in a space of 4 days all to fit in before the English people had to go back home. (Husband wife and 14 year old daughter were on the boat with us) We had a Thai buffet cooked by one of guys on the boat then a roast cooked at my friends and last a Chinese Steam Boat at our home.

After that I settled back into my crafts and painting so I will have these to post soon for you to look at.

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