Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can't sleep so here is another one

This one is from my Flowers in the Sunshine Quilt.
I should try and get some sleep now.
Keep stitching


I have been working with GIMP2 again tonight and this is what I came up with.

The photo on the left is what the second one started out as. As you can see you would have no idea from the end result that it was once the photo on the left.

I have added some extra colours and then just manipulated and used the tools in the program until I liked the design.

It is fun to do but I tend to spend to much time on these pieces. I love it.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting workshop with Bernadine Hine

Hi All

Last week I was able to do a painting workshop with Bernadine Hine.

I don't say that I did it right but am on my way and after the flowers and bird are put into a quit and have some machine quilting added to them they should look OK.
Well I can

Link to Bernadine's blog

Tomorrow I am planning on sewing most of the day.

I am been a bit upset one of my Pfaff machines went in for a service as I thought I had pulled the timing out. The repair man rang and said the clogs that control the dogs were worn out and would cost $400 for a new set and with the service $500. I asked was it worth it and he said no as if anything else went it was not replaceable. I am really annoyed. It is a 15 years old machine but cost $3,500 back then. I expected it to last 30 years or at least the parts be available. I have a Pfaff embroidery machine and it has already had a mother board ($1000) replaced under warranty. (4 years old) I asked if the parts for it would be available in 10 years time and he said he did not think so. Two expensive machine that I expected to last for many years.

My other Pfaff a 1222E is over 30 years old. He told me the parts will still be around in 10 years time and not to ever sell it.
I am thinking that the older machines are the ones to have.
When I buy another new machine it is going to be a Benina. I have been researching machines and their service and availability and they seem to be the best backup for service and parts being available for older machines.
Until next time
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Manipulations and Sunglasses Case

The latch hook piece I have been working on has turned into a sunglasses case.
I needed a new one.

I liked doing this but it did take a while to thread the pieces of material through the spaces. I also did a lot of stitching on it to make it quite flat. Margaret did not do so much stitching and hers is more fluffy. I will ask her to bring them along so I can take some pictures. ( I forgot to take the pictures when we were doing them). Margot has left hers with out stitching as yet. She loves it and thinks she will put it into a frame as is.

It is different and there are things that I want to try.

I have been playing around with manipulation again and will probable print the pink one out and stitch and bead it.
Till next time
Keep stitching

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello it's Monday

Today I worked a little bit more on my latch hook rug piece. Sewing over the strips was not as hard as I thought it may have been. I was able to do it with a normal needle and some metallic thread. I think I will make a glasses case with this piece.

This is row 6 of the Seminole class I am doing from learningfa.
I am enjoying this class. I don't usually do this type of work any more.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thread Painting

This is a thread painted picture I worked on a while back. I had forgotten that I had finished this piece until a friend took a look at it yesterday.
The sky was done with discharge dying using bleach. I want to do some more of this work in the future.
Keep stitching

Busy Morning at Art Show

I back from my duty morning at the Art Show. Very busy I did not sit down for the 4 hours. A lot of comments on the show and very positive.
I feel the show should go on show somewhere else now and that was one of the comments from a lot of people.
I have finished row 5 of my Seminole and so pleased it did not take as long as the forth row.
I have also been fiddling around with some latch hook rugging. Not really sure if I like it yet. I think I will make a glasses case out of this piece.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another piece from Palmwoods

This piece is by talented artist Merle Wagner
I love the use of colour and texture in this piece of work.
I hope you can come along and see the exhibition.
I will be there on Saturday morning and would love to meet you.
Keep stitching


Today I have been practising up on Seminole. I am doing a workshop from learning fa.

I had forgotten just how long it can take to do a strip but still it is worth while. I will post the strip I made yesterday. This is the forth of eight strips I will be making for a wall hanging.
I will post the completed item when finished.
Keep stitching

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi Girls I have just been to a fantastic Art Show in Palmwoods. Yes I am a member and have some of my pieces on show.
The show goes for a week. If you live on the coast. Make time to go over and have a look.

Palmwoods Textile Group takes time to
push the boundaries in textile art and
is always looking for new ways of
looking at fibre and how we can involve
fibre in our way of thinking.
We look forward to meeting you at the
“old bakery” shop opposite IGA from
15th to 21st March, 10am-4pm

PALMWOODS (opposite IGA)

Gold Coin donation entry.
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Saturday, March 13, 2010



It is still raining here over 3inches in the last 2 days.
I have been trying to do without a dryer as ours cracked up a few months ago but today went over and brought one. We got a Heller. I did not know the brand but takes a 5k load and with the extra warranty has a 6 years warranty. For $334 we thought it was a great deal. It is drying much better then the other one and hardly any creased in the clothes. It turns one way for 10 minutes. and the changes to the other to avoid tangles. It is censored so if the cloths dry before the setting it stops to save electricity.
So far very happy with it.

I am starting to get depress even though I love the rain. The gardens and yard are a mess and will now take days to clean up. We can't do this till it fines up and no rain for a couple of days. I am starting to feel like a duck. So many little frogs have hatched out and together with the bugs make such a carouse at night.

I have made some painted pieces that can be framed and hoping to do some work on my Seminole later tonight if I can get all my commitments done early.

These are hand painted fabric. I then painted with Lumiere paints and some strips of Christmas decorations. Organza over top and then hit with the heat gun.

Keep stitching

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back after a few day working with my friend

Hello again

I am back after 4 days working with my friend on many items.
Sunday my husband and I went to Brisbane to her home and I stayed till Tuesday.

Monday off we go to the Pine Rivers Gallery where there is a showing of Margaret Barnett Shibori. What wonderful use of colour and mixed media ideas. I hope you Brisbane girls can get along and see it. This is two of the pieces that I loved.

Home we go after doing over a couple of fabric shops to do some serous sewing. Margot decided to clean her studio up as I worked. She said she like to do it when I was there as it was boring other wise. I made a few small bags then settled in to make a bag that will be my next pattern. She loved the bag so now it has a new home.

I then finished off my thread bags. I love these bags so easy to ware and can be used for day or night ware.

Tuesday to Jelly Rolls at our friend Lyn's home in Moryafield. It was great to catch up with the girls. Eleven of us met once a month and at present we are working on a charity quilt. Late in the afternoon we headed home to my place.
On the way home we collected some leaves as we wanted to do sun dying on Wednesday. We had liquid amber and gum leaves but I wanted to hunt for some long gum leaves. We found a few poor specimens and headed home. As we drove into our property I could not believe it there hanging over our neighbours front fence was a long gum leaf tree. So out I go and pick some. Beautifully formed leaves. Just what I was looking for.

My husband had gone deep sea fishing so we continued to sew until 2.00am (same as we did at Margot's home on Sunday and Monday nights)

I finished one of the four pieces I am working on for the Palmwoods Art Show.
Fungi is the theme for this piece. I still do not know what to call it. Any ideas?

Up and into Sun Painting today. Lucky we had a morning of sun so we got quite a lot done. Here are a few of the pieces. She had never dyed/painted fabric before and just love it.


Down to visited the local quilting group in Mooloolah after lunch. We had a free day at Mounting Quilters and as we are no longer on committee decided to take the opportunity to visit this group.

Home again where we then put some finishing touches to some of the items we are making. It was then after five and she had to head back to Brisbane to her husband.

What a great way to spend a few day. Next Monday she will be back to go to the opening of the Art Show in Palmwoods. I have another friend staying over that night and we are planning on doing a new technique with some latch hook and fabric.
I am in need of some sleep and it is passed midnight so I am heading to bed.
Keep Stitching

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Smileycons!Hi I will be away for a few days.
Margot and I decided we would have a sewing sit in for two nights and tomorrow she is taking me to a Textile Art Show in Brisbane. She looked at it a couple of days ago and said I am going to go ballistic when I see it. Can't wait.
See you when I get back.
Keep stitching

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rain Rain and more rain

Still rain here and more coming and tomorrow. I love the rain but I am starting to get a bit sick of it now.
Margot would like us to go to Brisbane to her place for the night but not sure if we want to drive in the rain.
Last night we went to the RSL club and caught up with friends and dinner. Nice to go out.
I guess I will go out and do some work on my pieces for the Art Show as it is only 2 weeks away now.
Keep stitching

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eiloren: Quilt Binding, Edging and other finishes

Neroli has written a great tutorial on bindings.

For traditional bindings I always go back to this 3 part Sharon Schamber tutorial on You Tube

Click below for the full tuturol
Eiloren: Quilt Binding, Edging and other finishes

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lovely Day

Sue Daley and myself enjoyed a lovely luncheon today. Of course at my favourite eating place Bromelaid Cafe at Glenview Gardens.

You would know Sue for her English paper piecing, needle turn applique, embroidery and fine hand quilting as will as wonderful designs and Block of the Month.

Here Sue is with our host Colleen.

Colleen and Lindsey do a wonderful job with the meals and the gardens. Of course it was raining but so lovely to watch the rain fall on the gardens.

Sue has a new product a SewLine Glue Pen

Tutorial for Glue Pen

Here is a little tutorial Using the perspex template and a rotary cutter cut out your fabric.

Click here for the remainder of the tutorial:

The Rain is Easing but I have been sewing

Smileycons!Rain eased up a bit this morning but this afternoon it was back.Smileycons!
I am still happy even when it is raining I can sew.

We just had our son in law call in on a quick visit. He flew down from Townsville to help his brother pack up and drive one car back. They are moving back to Townsville. They leave at 6.00am in the morning. I am hoping the rain eases for them. We were so happy to see him.

Yesterday I made a piece of gold and silver to make badges for our upcoming quilt show. Well it is one suggestion. Someone else may have a better idea and the club could go with it.
Our theme is Silver Threads Among the Gold as it is our 25th year celebrations.

I also made a bag to donate to the club for our bag and cushion give a way. We ask for 10 bags and 10 cushions. We put boxes on the table with the number of the bag/cushion. People pay $2.00 for 10 tickets and they put the tickets into boxes of the ones they like. We draw at the end of the weekend and the lucky winner get the bag/cushion.
The maker of the bag and cushion with the most entries gets a cash prize

I then made a cord and a piece to make another bag using the same principle as above.

Until next time
Keep stitching

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