Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leone and I finished the top .

Leone and I finished the top of this quilt yesterday. This quilt is for a lady whose husband passed away about 2 years ago.
The quilt is made with her husband’s shirts and some fabric that was donated for the project. My friend Margaret embodied the centre panel. Some out our Fat quarter group helped with the next two strips and Leonie and I finished the last two off yesterday. Leonie Gittens offered to digitized the beer embroidery block as I could not find one anywhere and Lyn Hallam did the four embroideries.

I spent another 3 hours pulling some of the last row strips out as there were a few too many dark or light ones in two of the strips. I will post another picture when I take it.
We had fun yesterday finishing the quilt off and now I can concentrate on some of my work today. I wonder what I will do.
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Leone drawing the winning entry

Congratulations to Bec who won the sun

painted fabric.

This is my friend Leone drawing the winning entry.

Look for another give away as I approach 10,000 visitors to the blog.

Keep stitching Delia

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Textile Show Brisbane

I had a fantastic day yesterday with my two friends Margot and Bonnie. Of course we look at different things so we went separate ways and met up every hour or so.

I met Margaret the lady who made my NZ/Australia Art swap. It was lovely to met and talk with her.

The quilts challenges there were just amazing and I could go back today and take another look. I took quite a few pictures. Such talent we have.

I had a chat with Brenda Smith (Twelve by Twelve) Lisa Walton ,Judy Hall and missed Cecile Watman. She would have been busy at this how with the teaching. Of course my friend Martin Wrigh at Aussie Patches.

Dale from The Thread Studio showed some very interesting ideas and projects.

It was so busy every where you looked something else to see. I am sure I did not see everything and if I had the time I would have gone back today.

I did not do any workshops but would have loved to. You either go to do workshops or to look just not enough time to do it all in a day. I think I could have gone every day and will think about that for next year.

Knitting and crochet seem to have taken over the craft world with so much wool and threads on sale. I have to add that the prices were very expensive. Of course I had to buy a few special ones for my work.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Give away Sun Dyed Fabric DRAW

This is the give away.

The same piece just upside down.

The above piece is work done my a friend Lyn. Just an idea of how it could be used.

I am giving away the above piece of sun dyed fabric. I have put two pictures of the work up as it could be used either way. It measures 17inches (43cm)x 15 inches (38cm).

To be in the draw add yourself as a follower (if you are not already) and make a comment.

I will draw this in one weeks time 29th June.

I am happy to post to anywhere if you win.

Good luck


Workshop today at Palmwoods - Discharge Dyieng

I had a wonderful day at Palmwoods Textile Group today. We played around with discharge dyeing. I had black, maroon and dark green fabric. Someone gave me a pieces of purple. For some reason the dark green came out a blue colour.

I had always wanted to try this out but never got around to it. I can see so many possibilities with stamping, stenciling, brushing, sponging and using a needle or fine paint brush. It was a mess around day today but soon I will try something a bit different and more precise.

What do you think of my pieces? I enjoyed the day so much.
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JaneMonkstudo give away and A Scot in Tennessee

I am so excited again as I am the winner of these two give aways. I has been my lucky months with winning two items and the lovely quilt I received in the Aust/NZ Art Swap.
As well as this I have just got a support group off the ground that I have been working on for the past 6 months with the Doctors, Dietitian and Psychologist coming on board with their support.
It looks like things are really turning around for me as of this month.
In saying that I have tooth ache but can get into the dentist at 8.00am in the morning. Lucky my sisters runs the practice.
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Aust/NZ Art Quilters Swap

This is the lovely wall hanger that I received from Margaret in a swap with the Aust/NZ Art Quilters.
Her work is just beautiful and the piece matches in so well on our yellow walls.
I am just over the moon with this piece of work.
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The bag

Tisme and all
Ok here is the bag I made. I am so pleased with this way of making the curved pieces. I even think I could make a quilt as it is not hard and quite fast to do.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A great class

I mastered how to do curved piecing with a small piping at a class at Mountain Quilters.

It is so easy this way and I made a bag out of my pieces. I can see it could be used in many ways and with different curves.

I will have to post the picture of the bag tomorrow as it is taking to long to load tonight.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

I won a give away

I am so excited I won a give away on Carol Hansen's blog.

"A Scot in Tennessee"

"Top it With a Runner" quilt book is the gift I won.

I am waiting for the post to arrive every day for this lovely book.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

JaneMonkstudo give away

Hi Jane has a birthday month give away on her blog.
Pop over and have a look. You never know you could be the winner.
Check out her blog as it is very interesting.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a day

Hello to you all
I had a very busy day. First of all I had a group the Stitch and Bitches over and then about 2.30pm I got a phone call asking if I would judge a quilt show. When in a couple of hours time. The judges who were to do this work could not at the last minute. I did not think I had the time to get ready and meet Martin (the other judge) but the girls all agreed that I should go. So quick change and off I went.
We looked at the quilts in detail and it was hard to make the decision in some cases but when we looked at basic quilting techniques it was an easy choice.
Some of the quilts had some of the best hand applique I have ever seen.
We must have done a good job as they asked if we would do it again next year.
I really enjoyed this experience.
Until next time
Keep Stitching

Monday, June 7, 2010

Townsville workshop

Oh at last I have got around to posting some of the lovely work the girls did in the workshop at Fibres and Fabrics in Townsville.

I loved teaching the girls how to do this workshop. They were so interested and easy to teach.

The pieces are not quite finished but I am sure when I go back up there in September they will be.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mountain Quilter's Quilt Show 2010


Martin Wright our President

Winning quilt made by Glenda

Made by Ann

We had a fantastic quilt show this year. I think this one topped them all.
Record numbers passed through the door. I am not sure if they came for the show or the food. We have a very good reputation for the food. Good old fashion home cooking.People came by the bus load.

We had 12 trader attend and they appeared to be doing good business with the quilters.

Browyn and her husband from Cotton Lane in Mooloolah Valley.

Suzi from Suzi Blue Buttons

Margot's winning quilt.

Vera's 2nd place.

The clubs Quilt challenge where we were given 2 pieces of gold fabric and were asked to design a quilt with them. We have been doing this for 4 years and each year the work gets better and better. This year the work was outstanding. Margot won the challenge with Vera 2nd.

A Japanese corner set up by Lyn.

This is our bag and cushion give away. Discharged Dying cushion made by Alwyn.
Sue incharge of this table.

Part of the stage setup. Rhonda did a magnificent job.

Bernadine Hine's work.

These are some of a recycled quilts from the challenge the club ran last year.

Quilts from the display.

HELLO I have not posted for a very long time. I could not get into my blog but after an hour finely worked it out. My what have I b...