Sunday, October 31, 2010

My crochet and embroidered centres.

I have not been doing very much of my work the last month being away and everything else that happened.

I did manage to do some crocheting on two embroidered centres I made a few years ago.I had made three so now only one left to finish.

I had forgotten I had made them so was pleasantly surprised when I found then when cleaning out a cupboard.

I enjoyed doing the edges.

Keep stitching


A new idea for a bag

I was given this as a late birthday I love it.
The bag is made out of the 6 pack bag you get from the bottle shop to carry your 6 bottles of wine home in.

My friend Lorraine took out the middle and covered the outside, added a strip to each handle, added a button and loop. It is just the right size.

I Love It.
Keep stitching

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gin Gin class

Halloween coming up ladies
I had another wonderful day teaching the ladies in Gin Gin my Flowers in the Sunshine Class. Sue also brought along her finished quilt from the last class.


Sue with her Disappearing Nine Patch
Most of the ladies have never free machine stippled so were very excited to see how easy it was
to do.

Pat over joyed with her little quilt

These are some of the pictures from the day. Some of the ladies had gone home before I realized I had not taken the pictures of there work.

This is such a wonder group of ladies to teach and I am looking forward to going up for two classes next year. As a treat they are arranging a shop hope to the Sunshine Coast and are going to spend a night with me. Can't wait.

Keep stitching

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I can live with reflux

I am just back from having my endoscopy and so relieved that all is ok. Still waiting for the biopsy but I am feeling so much better knowing. I have not been able to focus but now am off to do some creating in the studio.
I can live with the reflux and it is not so bad now.
Keep stitching

Monday, October 11, 2010

A give away on this site

Hi All
The Quilting Professor is giving away a fat quatter on her site. Pop over and check out her wonderful site.
Keep stitching while I am away. Teaching in Gingin tomorrow and looking forward to catching up the ladies again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lake Monduran

The bass my husband caught not quilt large enough for the prize but it will be nice for dinner.

Looking down the dam from the wall and then looking the other side. I think either could make a nice quilt.
My husband caught a nice bass today but not sure if it is large enough to get a prize as a few were caught this morning. Only 3 barramundi I believe were caught and the same guy who caught the biggest yesterday has caught the one today. A nice prize for him.$1000 prize as well as the daily prizes. Of course my husband is hoping his ticket will be drawn out for the new boat draw and it would be nice.

I have been felting on the machine and hope to have a nice shawl ready to ware to a wedding on Saturday night. I love what the machine does but it is a bit boring just running threads down to felt together. Still a lot faster then knitting, crochet or felting the old way.

Keep stitching


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello pictures of my Grand children.

I am so proud of the kids and want to show them
Well I am the grandmother so I am proudbut aren't they just lovely.
Home and heading off in two days where I will teach in Gingin.
Can't wait for the next two weeks to be over so I can stay at home and get on with some of my art work again.
Keep stitching

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