Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painting workshop with Bernadine Hine

Hi All

Last week I was able to do a painting workshop with Bernadine Hine.

I don't say that I did it right but am on my way and after the flowers and bird are put into a quit and have some machine quilting added to them they should look OK.
Well I can hope.lol

Link to Bernadine's blog

Tomorrow I am planning on sewing most of the day.

I am been a bit upset one of my Pfaff machines went in for a service as I thought I had pulled the timing out. The repair man rang and said the clogs that control the dogs were worn out and would cost $400 for a new set and with the service $500. I asked was it worth it and he said no as if anything else went it was not replaceable. I am really annoyed. It is a 15 years old machine but cost $3,500 back then. I expected it to last 30 years or at least the parts be available. I have a Pfaff embroidery machine and it has already had a mother board ($1000) replaced under warranty. (4 years old) I asked if the parts for it would be available in 10 years time and he said he did not think so. Two expensive machine that I expected to last for many years.

My other Pfaff a 1222E is over 30 years old. He told me the parts will still be around in 10 years time and not to ever sell it.
I am thinking that the older machines are the ones to have.
When I buy another new machine it is going to be a Benina. I have been researching machines and their service and availability and they seem to be the best backup for service and parts being available for older machines.
Until next time
Keep stitching


Debbie said...

Your paintings are beautiful....absolutely love the bird!
I agonize with you over the machines...I broke down and bought a very basic machanical--$200-- Janome a few years back so I would always be able to sew and quilt. I also have a computerized 6600P for heavy sewing and free motion quilting...but I avoided the embroidery line as they tend to go out too often. I agree older is better.

Linda said...

I'd sure love to chat with you about sewing machines! I've driven a Bernina my whole life and am considering a switch to Pfaff. The number one most important feature to me is a long throat - 9-1/2" to 10" for free motion quilting. Pfaff's is affordable; Bernina's is not.

Carol said...

You paint so beauitfully Del. Your rainbow lorikeet is wonderful. Sorry about your Pfaff. A sewing machine becomes like a friend when you use it as often as you do! My mother had a Pfaff for absolutely years. I learnt to sew on it and loved it. But I've used Bernina and swear by them. One is 39 years old and still sews like a gem. Needed a new belt a few years ago and a mechanic in Sydney found one for me! I also have a newer Bernina which has won my affection too.

Delia (Del) said...

Thanks girls
Yes my machines like the computer are my friend and when one goes it is like part of me gone. This time for ever and I am mourning.
Linda my email is
If you would like to email me.
I would not buy another Pfaff after being told all this. I have always been Pfaff girls because of the built in walking foot but now they tell me Benina have one.
I put out a search in free cycle (a site used to keep one persons junk out of land fill but the item can be a joy to someone else. All items are to be given away no money to change hand and if you don’t want the item later it is to be recycled again) A lady had a very old Universal machine to give away. I picked it up and it is sewing lovely. I can stipple well on it so I am pleased. I know we don’t need 3 machines but each one does something better than the other or I manage it better. Yes older machines are worth their weight in gold.

Neroli Henderson said...

Love the bird especially but both look great Del, I think you did really well! They'll look great with a bit of stitching added. I love my computerised Pfaff, and i use enough of the features to make having a newer one worth while, however the old ones were made differently and had more metal components. I think the biggest thing I would do differently would be to ensure the shop I get it from has something in place if anything goes wrong - last time I got a machine I paid mega bucks and I never got it to work and the shop just said 'no idea'. So not good.

Pity you can't get extended warranties for sewing machines like you do for computers!

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Neroli
Hay the very old Universal machine I was given stitches free embroidery so well. I just can't believe it. I can get very small stitches with it. Two of my friends loved the sample piece I did on it yesterday. If I remember I will take a picture and post in blog tomorrow.
I will give it an oil tomorrow but I will take it for a service as well in the next couple of weeks.
I got my Pfaff back today and was sad to see the machine looking in such good order and knowing it would never sew again. My husband says he wants the motor to make another spit so I guess all is not lost.
I to have loved my 3 Pfaffs but will never get another one. I had a play on my friends Bernina today and it sews well but I am thinking I may not need a new machine with the 3 I have now. Tomorrow I plan on having a good play on the 1222E as I am sure I used to do nice machine work with it years ago.
It should not matter what shop you buy the machine at as the company does the warranty and any shop should honor it. If not you go straight to the company. Actually that is what I had to do with the embroidery Pfaff to get the mother board replaced under warranty. The shop I brought it from had changed hands. I think they would have done something to help but I have an independent service mechanic and he went straight to Pfaff.
Catch you soon.

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