Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Large Strawberry

What do think about this strawberry? The size of a bread and butter plate. We do grow them big in Queensland. It actually looked like a flower. We were at Gowinta in Beerwah celebrating Lorraine's birthday.
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mad Hatters Tea Rooms Landsbrough

Patrica with one of the Mad Hats..

Here we are at the Mad Hatters Landsbrough.
Lots of laughs and if I had this little MAN I would have a 100. I have never seen such a happy and good child.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Grandchildren

We are not long back from a trip to Townsville to visit our children. Well the grandchildren have grown and are so beautiful. Here we have Lily making biscuits with me and Jack working at his mothers ipad. I can not believe what a 3 year 3 months child can do on this machine. I can't keep up with him.

Jack cuddling up to Mummy acting shy.

Lily giving Pa a thank you kiss for building them this lovely cubby house while Jack looks on.

The cubby house that the children will have hours of fun in that Pa built for them while we were up there.

 Their big 75k dog. Just as well he is so quiet and loving with the children.

Lily insisted on flowers for her new house. We drew the line when she wanted a refrigerator and microwave. lol
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island
While in Townsville last month the group I belong to up there (Townsville Fibre and Fabrics) took a trip to the Island at the invitation of the Maggie Island ladies.
What a treat I was in for. Meeting up with the girls at barge in the morning then onto  the island for a lovely morning tea and lunch supplied by the Maggie Island Girls at the Bowls Club.
Of course there was a lovely show and tell and I took heaps of pictures.
The one below is made to look like a book stand but it was only about 10 x 12".

Ann the happy lady won the lucky spot under her chair.
I loved this post card of the dog. Reminded me of mine.
I feel in love with these scarfs. Cast on 5 stitches and away you go. I am yet to find the wool. Apparently Lincraft has it but it goes very fast. I wonder why? The bag is made out of a tie. It looked great.

I was amazed at this rock formation and somewhere alone the line I may make a quilt with this in mind.
Well that is all for tonight off to bed
Well I hope.
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