Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am excited the group I belong to on line learningfa which teaches lessons tradition and art has decided to do an art group challenges. (I have been lucky enough to have been chosen to teach a class last year and another later this year).

The lady that owns the group (Shirley) posted if anyone was interested, and within less than 24 hours, 20 ladies had signed up. I was one of those lucky ones. It was to be limited to 15 but with the interest it is now 20.

Our first challenge is Hidden Treasures. In my mind I have already designed the quilt. Coins hidden in caves or what else can be hidden? It is really open to a lot of interpretations.
The only restriction is it must be 75% fabric. That is it. So can add paper if we like or metals.
Shirley has opened another group for this Art Group challenge and as soon as it gets going I will add it to my list of blogs.

Yesterday day our bear and doll group (stitch and bitch) was held at my friend place in Brisbane. We drove down in two cars. It was nice as Margot usually does the driving to come up the coast for the meets. Once a week she does this.

The group had decided to do a charity and when I was asked to do a block tension set in. Oh no not another thing to do. (I am already in another group doing three charity quilts). Instead of doing the work I had taken to do I decided to do the clown block there and then. Turned a tension situation into a lovely situation and now all I have to do is machine appliqué the block today and it is finished.

I think I need a white board in the studio so I can write what has to be done and cross it off as it is. Too many things in my head now to think about and don’t want to forget anything I am involved in.

I remember I used to do this years ago at work.

Keep stitching

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