Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rain again

You would not believe it but we had so much rain again last night and it is flooding in areas again. Lucky we live on a hill so most flows off but it is still sitting in areas as it cannot get away fast enough. We have drains to drain it away from the house.
Glasshouse had 6" in a short time and my friend’s home was flooded. The water does not have to be in the house long but causes so much damage. It came down their back sloping yard so fast and could not get away so just came up and into house.
Brisbane was hit really bad and so much flash flooding with cars being washed down the streets.
Margot and I made a bear and some little animals but will post pictures later.
Hope everyone is safe



Carol said...

Glad you're safe Del. This's been a really WET wet season, hasn't it. We have a warning for heavy rain and flooding today, but so far only rain .....

Delia (Del) said...

Yes Carol it has been.
I hope it does not rain to much more up there.
Take care

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