Sunday, February 28, 2010


Smileycons!Still raining here.
Smileycons!Hoping first day of Autumn for some fine weather.

Hi to you you lovely people that visit my blog. I have had a busy week and I did not have time to up date the last week.
I worked on this table runner. Not a good picture but you will get the idea.
It is a kaleidoscope of 4 pieces in each block. Originally I made some bags using this technique. It looks good as a runner. I can't even remember how I was taught to do this as it has been a UFO for the past year and was to be another bag.

This is my the final for the Palmwoods Fabric Art Group. It is a tree and is one of my pieces. I originally had fungi on the tree but it did not look right so now just the lizard. This piece was about 8' long so I cut off 2' and my husband has made me a frame to fold and hold the smaller piece and I will place the fungi on it. It looks a lot better this way. Later I will post more and pictures of my other work for the show.
Keep stitching

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