Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flowers in the Sunshine Lesson 4

Lesson 4
2 pictures

Pic 10
You are now ready to do the beading on the work. I usually do the centres of the flowers and sometimes I bead randomly around the piece. If I have quilted flowers around the piece I put a bead in the centre of each flower.
Pic 10
If you enlarge this picture you will see I have quilted flowers and I put a bead in each one. Now cut and trim the work to size. Edge and bind in usual way.
If you want to make a bigger piece you may join two or four pieces of felt together by holding edges together with a close zig zag over the two edges. It will not show when painted. This is what I did with the purple flower quilt. (2 x A4 size pieces of felt). You could buy the felt by the yard but start with a small one A4 size to get the technique.
Pic 11 If the quilt was bigger than the A4 size I would put the backing on before I did the quilting to hold it together or go around the flower edges again to hold in place.Pic

Pic 11

I hope you enjpyed the class and keep coming back to see what is offered on my blog.

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