Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ah it is flooding here. We have had over 12 inches in the last 12 hours or so.
I have not seen our dam so full in many years it is going over the top the pipes can't take the water flow. My husband was down checking the dam wall and the neighbors from across the road were out complaining about all the water coming down to the road. It is a catchment area from all sides (a little valley) Ken told them that this is nothing we have seen it over the road and in the garages on the bottom properties. I don't think they were too impressed. Water has to go somewhere and the flow of the land and the dams to the river just can't take it at the moment. A good clean out of the dams and river which is good.

I should go and take some pictures but don't feel like getting wet. With the tides this afternoon the river will back up and it will flood our roads out of our little town may be isolated. Usually on lee till the tides go out but I have seen if for a couple of days if the rain does not ease up.
Oh well I can go sew now after 5 hours on the computer. So easy to do.

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