Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures of flooding

Our Dam looking across to neighbours.

Our dam looking from the house. It was up further a couple of hours ago.

Looking up to our house with the dam overflow. The pipes were full with the water coming out earlier when it was pouring rain. We have not seen it like that for years.
This is a neighbours property with the fences down.

The road closed and the house below is just before on the left hand side.

It looks like his fences may be damaged as well.

The road closed here as you can see. We have seen it a lot higher and it was today but we waited till the rain had eased before going out to have a look. Usually we go when it is still pouring but for some reason my husband did not want to today. Maybe a sign that we are getting

At the moment it has stopped raining and I hope it does or there will be more damage to fences around the place.

Keep stitching I am off to do a bit more.

Oh it is raining again well I can still stitch. I have just made a yummy meatloaf for dinner so have some time to sew now.


Linda said...

Wow! I can't believe you still have electricity for your computer, or sewing. And where are you in Australia?

tisme said...

I hope you are well and dry! Keep sewing it will keep your mind of the rain. :)

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Linda I am on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Just below the ranges so it dumps on us.
We are ok house up high on side of hill and today only showers. The water receieds fast but it is the damages it does in the short time it is up.

Yes I sewed until 2.00pm last night just could not sleep.
So I got quite a lot of bits and pieces done and the challenge for our quilting group here well on its way.

Keep stitching

Carol said...

Wow, Del. You have had a lot of rain. We have too, but have been lucky not have had any flooding at our place. Love your brooches!

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Carol
Thanks I have posted more since you
I just watched my kids on the computer. It is so nice to see them in real.
Lily is off to daning lessons. It will be good for her.
Catch you soon

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