Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things I worked on today for Art Show

As promised I am showing you a few of the things I worked on today for the Art Display.

Our Red miniature cattle dog had to show her off. She is waiting for me to kick/throw the ball .
Eyes on the ball ready set go.

Fungi from the picture I took in our garden. This is to go on the quilt.

3 dimensional fungi to go on quilt.

Log made with felt and wool fungi.

Carol look what I did with your felting method. The log with fungi.

I have not taken a picture of the large piece I am working on that the fungi's will be go on. Well I think that is what I will do with them. When I have it finished I will post the picture.

I have worked most of today on this project and enjoyed every minute.

Keep stitching.


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