Saturday, February 6, 2010

Barrier Reef

I am showing my Barrier Reef pictures again as some have asked to see them.
I made this work about 3 years ago so it is on one of my earlier posts. I will take a picture of it framed and post soon.
Keep stitching


Fran C said...

That is lovely Delia. When we were traveling around Australia I went to a group with Wendy Laws who were doing pictures like these 3D images, the group were selling kits and I bought one I still have to start on it, you know how it is so many projects you want to do and not enough hours.

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Fran Yes I do know how that is. Just not enought time and I have just sat at the computer for 5 hours today lol so easy to do.
A lady from Cairns came to a friends place and taught us to do this. It is easy when you know how.

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