Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grand Total Raised from Auctions and Raffles

I feel I have been honoured to have been part of this wonderful fun raising effort and would like to thank all that were involved in the Auctions and Raffles and not forgetting the bidders. We have all made this happen.


Carol said...

That is just incredibly fantastic. Well done!!!!!

Delia (Del) said...

Thank you Carol yes it was a great effort.

Deb H said...

Good for you! Congrats!

I don't see your email addres, but
you asked me about glow-in-the-dark fabric & thread.

The fabric is Michael Miller
Fairy Frost. I bought it at a local quilt shop years ago, but you can still buy it on line.

The thread I got from Superior Threads on line.

It's fUN stuff!

Delia (Del) said...

Thank you so much Deb.

HELLO I have not posted for a very long time. I could not get into my blog but after an hour finely worked it out. My what have I b...