Monday, February 7, 2011

Challenge Favourate Places

This is the piece I did the our challenge in Challenging Ourselves.
There are 20 of us the try and do the challenge each 2 months.

Favourite Places.
I thought and thought what I would do for this challenge. I had different things going on in my mind and could not decide. A couple of weeks ago it all came to me. Favourite Places well my favourite places are my home, the land, dam and gardens. So that is what I did.

It is looking from the road up over the dam to our place. I have not quite got the proportions of the house to the garages right but it is close enough.

First I used the confetti method of cutting up lots of fabric into small pieces of the colour I needed. Blues for the sky and Greens for the hills and randomly quilted them down.

I then appliqué the house onto thick tearaway. It was then stitched to the background.
The gardens were all thread painted on to thick tearaway before stitching to the background.
The road was appliqued on to the background.
I then thread painting the palm trees on to the piece.
Keep stitching

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