Monday, February 14, 2011

Flowers in my Garden

Two Dalia's and I love the white and mauve together. This is the first time I have grown the bigger type and I am impressed.

This is just a lovely orchid. I am not much for the names just the colour.

Keep stitching



Gudrun said...

Thanks for sharing, your friends
that are covered in many centimeters of snow, appreciate it....orchard picture didn't come through. What kind of orchards do you live near? I am surrounded by apple orchards.

Delia (Del) said...

Gudrun It was orchid not orchard. Did that picture come through it is showing here.
We have macadamia nut, avocado, pineapples, custard apples, peaches, nectarinesand fig all in orchards near us.
I hope the snow is not to bad for you. I have only seen it once and that was in Canada.

Gudrun said...

Acck...I reloaded the page and all the pictures came thru instead of white rectangles on the page. How amazing to see orchids. I am envious.

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