Monday, August 1, 2011

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island
While in Townsville last month the group I belong to up there (Townsville Fibre and Fabrics) took a trip to the Island at the invitation of the Maggie Island ladies.
What a treat I was in for. Meeting up with the girls at barge in the morning then onto  the island for a lovely morning tea and lunch supplied by the Maggie Island Girls at the Bowls Club.
Of course there was a lovely show and tell and I took heaps of pictures.
The one below is made to look like a book stand but it was only about 10 x 12".

Ann the happy lady won the lucky spot under her chair.
I loved this post card of the dog. Reminded me of mine.
I feel in love with these scarfs. Cast on 5 stitches and away you go. I am yet to find the wool. Apparently Lincraft has it but it goes very fast. I wonder why? The bag is made out of a tie. It looked great.

I was amazed at this rock formation and somewhere alone the line I may make a quilt with this in mind.
Well that is all for tonight off to bed
Well I hope.
Keep stitching


Carol said...

Lovely post, Del.

Annette said...

Hiya Del, fantastic post, it was lovely to have you there, so sorry I didn't get to chat very much with you..
hugs Annette

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