Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Elvis Parsley at Grapelands

Sue Robyn Heather Leone Marg Barbara Lyn Del Sue

What a lovely day we had today. I met Sue, Marg, Sue and Barbara at Beerwah and Sue took us on a nostalgia trip over to Kilcoy. On the way we stopped at Woodford for a coffee and cake and on to Grapelands with Elvis singing to/with us. Well Marg did most of the singing. Now he did not have his dress up gear on but the voice was fantastic. The singing greengrocer. I want to go back and get my vegetables every week. (what a shame it is to far away)

Then over Commissioner Flat Road where Barbara told us stories of where she lived and where she met her husband. On to Kilcoy where my friend Judy at Chantilly Lace organised the most delicious lunch and coffee for us. Of course we could not resist the gift and jewellery they have. A most beautiful coffee and gift shop. I would recommend this to anyone if they are going through Kilcoy

We had a look around the town. At one of the shops a few of us brought these lovely chunky silver neck laces and then home. A most enjoyable end to our year of quilting with the Jelly Rolls.
Keep stitching till next time
Delia (Del)

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