Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello I have been having a bit of a funny couple of days. With the weather so hot up here in Queenlsand and my air con in the studio gone on the blink. I have brought a machine into the house to do some quilting and sewing but I just can't get my head around anything and to quilt is imposable. I don't know how I ever did it in the house before.

I have made some ATC and a postcard for a swap.

I used to do heaps of these swaps but have not done any for a couple of years and I really enjoyed it.

I am not going to do some fancy stripping of fabric. Just little bits and then later will try my hand at fabric beads. I am not sure how this is done but will be trial and error.

What do you think of the ATC?

Keep smiling



Carol said...

Your Atc is lovely, Del. There was an article in a back issue of either Quilting Arts or Cloth Paper Scissors on fabric beads. Do you get those mags?

Delia said...

Hi Carol
Yes I do get some of them but I don't have that one. It is ok a scquilter lady sent how to do it this morning.
Catch you soon

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