Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This is the quilt I finily finished.

I made some of these little treasures again. I love them.
This quilt has been a UFO for so long I can't remember. It was a free monthly online. I will see if I can remember or find who's it was and post.
I was so disappointed as the final boarder stretched. I have never had that happen to a quilt before. I will wet it one day and pin it out and see if I can stretch it into shape.
Got to go husband needs to be feed.
Keep stitching.


Dolores said...

The quilt is lovely and the little boxes/wallets are great. What did you use for stiffener?

Debbie said...

I find that a wavy border can be solved a couple of ways. I prefer to quilt it first....loops and swirls can take in extra fullness. Square up and bind. Then wash and dry on low heat, removing from the dryer while still damp. I have washed the top first before quilting, but still usually have fullness to deal with. Good luck with it.

Delia said...

They are not stiffened. Use a very light pellon in the middle and as they are small they stand up.
I have given some away and one of the girls came up with the idea of using it for her business cards.

Delia said...

Hi Debbie
Like a fool I have already put on the bindings hoping that would have fixed it up. No way!!!
If all else fails I will cut them off and do as you say with loops and swirls over the straight lines I have quilted on the boarders.
Thank you for the information.

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