Friday, November 27, 2009

Fabric Beads

These are the beads I created yesterday. I asked a friend over to have a go with me and we had a hoot of a time.
I had asked the girls in a couple of groups for instruction as I was not quite sure and then I remembered another friend had been making them and putting on clothing. I decided to give her a ring and she gave me the low down on how to make them so they could be washed.
Keep stitching


Carol said...

Oh you're so talented! Love them.

PAMELA said...

Beautiful beads! You must be thrilled with them. Great for Christmas too.

I am curious as to what you did to make them washable. Would you like to share this information, either on your blog or to me at

Delia said...

Hi Carol and Pamela I will be sharing how to make them on the blog in a couple of days. I will email you as well.
Cheers Delia

Debbie said...

How unique! A fabric lover always loves new things to do with scraps! I look forward to the info.
Debbie in Sc

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