Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day of the Month

I thought I needed a change on the blog so I have given it a new look.
I hope you like it.
Off to sew something.
What!!!! who knows till I get there. It is lovely to have nothing that you have to do and just decide when I get into the studio.
Keep stitching.


Annette said...

Hi Delia, hope you don't mind I've added your blog to my blog. Love the beads, will have a go at them.

Carol said...

This is wonderful Del. You'll have to show me how you got it to fill the whole screen like this? I use blogspot too but my blog only filles a little bit in the middle of the screen.

aykayem said...

very pretty ;-)

... it would be nice to have nothing to do all day ... unfortunately some of us have to be at work ... (sneaking in here in my lunch break, while I have access to a spare computer - which only happens when someone who does have a computer on their desk is away for the day)

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