Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas and New Year

We are home again after 3 weeks away. We spent two weeks with our daughter and her family in Townsville. It is the first time in years that we have been able to spend Christmas with them and having the children made it so special. Lily is 3 today the 11th and Jack will be 2 on the 3rd April.

Jack on the motor bike having fun.

Here the little ones are on the 6 volt motor bikes we gave them for Christmas. We could not have given them any thing better. They played for hours on them. Music blaring and horns honking. I think a few people were hoping the batteries would run out.

Lily in the BIG truck at Castle Town.

They loved coming in to our caravan and having biscuits. In a dish they would say and with milk. Biscuits not the usual tiny bread sticks.

Here are the two Nanny's with the grandchildren at the Cowboys Club. The children walked the strand with us. We left at 9.30 in the morning and got home at 5.30 that afternoon. We all had a wonderful day. Tied children off to bed and did not wake till next morning. These two are so seasoned to shopping and going out. My husband could not understand how we could be out with them all day and all come home happy but tired.

Milkshake and shopping but not grocery shopping as Lily says.

This is Lily and myself at breakfast up at the Harvey Ranges.


Carol said...

Your grandchildren are delightful, Del. And those motorbikes are wonderful and the children's ability to control them just amazing. Charlotte would dearly love one of her own after trying them out with your two turtle doves.

Delia said...

Oh yes she did enjoy them.
I hope they get to play together again soon.
They were so good together.

Shirley said...

What a lovely holiday you must have had. Those beautiful children as
very precious. Our 6 year old is
the 'light of our lives'

I wish we were in Australia now, although the weather is not as bitter
cold as it was in December.

Happy New year Delia -- glad you are
enjoying learningfa, Shirley

Delia said...

Hi Shirley
Yes children make our lives worth living.
Yes I love learningfa.
Thank you for it.

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