Friday, January 15, 2010

Flowers in the Sunshine Lesson 1

Lesson 1
5 pictures
Match your paint colour to your felt colour.
1. Painted on visoflex 2. painted on visoflex
3. painted on heat and bond

Examples of colours to use
Pink felt - Bright pink mauve touch of yellow magenta
Green felt - Yellow light brown and green
Yellow felt - Green brown and orange
You can chose what you think will look nice to your eye.
Paint the vlisoflex or heat and bond on the rough side with your paint. I water the paint down to about ½ and ½. You can even water down more if you like but not so it is dripping wet.
Do not mix the paint on the vlisoflex as you will end up with mud. Just wipe it over in one stroke then the next colour. Till you have it covered
Allow to dry thoroughly.
You will get different designs on the fusible webs. You never get the same.
Now place the rough side (painted side) on your felt and iron with a dry iron. Be careful not to get any on your ironing board or iron. You can use baking paper under and over to stop this.
Leave till cool (overnight if you like) then pull the paper off. It does not matter if some of it lifts off it will add character to the piece.

Pic 4 Heat and bond piece after paper pulled off.It becomes shiny.

Pic 5 Vlisoflex piece after paper pulled off.


Faye said...
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Faye said...

Thanks Delia, for this first lesson...
cheers - FDS

Debbie said...

I plan on doing this as I missed your class at learningfa. I am in the midst of computer problems and will try it soon as my mind and temper calms down!!!

Delia said...

Fave and Debbie I am so glad you are doing this project.
Debbie I hope you computer is ok not nothing worse.

PaulineC said...

Looks great fun. Looking forward to doing it. Thanks for the lessons.

Delia (Del) said...

You are very welcome Pauline

shobs said...

Hi. I came across this title while browsing the net. I am curious about one thing. Was the purpose of this painting the fusible to change the colour of the felt? I love painting fabrics and want to explore this.

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