Friday, January 22, 2010

Ginger Gardening Expo


Yesterday Margot and I went to Yandina for the Ginger Gardening Expo. How lovely the colours of the ginger plants are. I have a few pictures to show you.

We tried the ginger ice cream with macadamia nuts and then later a ginger beer. Of course we could not resist buying some ginger and a few bottles of their ginger products as well as some herb mixes they you put into cream, cottage cheese or yoghurt to make a dip. Tasted so great.
We attended 2 lectures one on floral arrangement not the conventional but where all the rules can be broken.

The next on how to plant a vegetable garden in coolite boxes and have a mixed salad ready to eat in 6 weeks. We found this very useful and informative.

My no dig garden is still great but I had already decided I was going to grow in pots this year but not it will be in boxes thanks to AnnetteMcFarlane.

We have enough water as we have an acre of dam on our property but a lot don't and she had some great ideas to save water when growing vegetables. I am going to try some out.

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