Monday, November 9, 2009

PVC class I can't believe I am posting 3 posts in a day

Alwyn went on to make this into a wall hanging. Unbelievable her work is.

These are the pieces the girls made when I taught them how to do PVC paper. It turns into a a piece that you can embelish and sew onto and then use as a full piece or cut up for ATC'c or Postcards.

This is a fun class and lots of laughs were had.
Happy quiting till next time


Carol said...

How long did you say you were coming to Townsville for? Will it be long enough for you to show me all your new skills? Carol.

Delia said...

HI Carol I should be there for about 2 weeks. Yes I can and I would like some of yours also. Can't wait.

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