Friday, January 14, 2011

Update to let you know

Most of you would be aware I live in South East Queensland where the flooding is an absolute disaster.
To the lovely people that have emailed me with their concerns we are OK.
The unrelenting rain dropped 34inches on our town in two days. We were cut off in our town for 3 days but when the tide fell we could get out but had to be back before it rose again. Our local river is governed by the tides.
A lot of towns in the north, west, Brisbane, Ipswich and the Lockey Valley are in a total mess. A lot of the homes are under water with only the roofs showing. Something like 20,000 plus.
Major flooding of the main roads in the state. The main highway in the state is cut in a number of places.

Click here to donate to the flood appeal

Thank you for your concerns.

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