Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Workshop today at Palmwoods - Discharge Dyieng

I had a wonderful day at Palmwoods Textile Group today. We played around with discharge dyeing. I had black, maroon and dark green fabric. Someone gave me a pieces of purple. For some reason the dark green came out a blue colour.

I had always wanted to try this out but never got around to it. I can see so many possibilities with stamping, stenciling, brushing, sponging and using a needle or fine paint brush. It was a mess around day today but soon I will try something a bit different and more precise.

What do you think of my pieces? I enjoyed the day so much.
Keep stitching


Dolores said...

It's always nice to try new things and to experiment. Looks like an interesting time you had. Loads of variety.

Debbie said...

These turned out great. I love the effects you got--especially on the rosy one and the leaves too. Got to try this soon.

Delia (Del) said...

I enjoyed it so much and will be doing more. I is so easy to do.
Funny how we leave the simple things to and go do something that takes a lot longer.

Beverly said...

Love you spirit of creativity! Congratulations on your beautiful work.

Annie said...

Sounds fun Delia I would like to try it

Delia (Del) said...

I hope you all get to try it one day it is so easy to do.

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