Sunday, June 27, 2010

Textile Show Brisbane

I had a fantastic day yesterday with my two friends Margot and Bonnie. Of course we look at different things so we went separate ways and met up every hour or so.

I met Margaret the lady who made my NZ/Australia Art swap. It was lovely to met and talk with her.

The quilts challenges there were just amazing and I could go back today and take another look. I took quite a few pictures. Such talent we have.

I had a chat with Brenda Smith (Twelve by Twelve) Lisa Walton ,Judy Hall and missed Cecile Watman. She would have been busy at this how with the teaching. Of course my friend Martin Wrigh at Aussie Patches.

Dale from The Thread Studio showed some very interesting ideas and projects.

It was so busy every where you looked something else to see. I am sure I did not see everything and if I had the time I would have gone back today.

I did not do any workshops but would have loved to. You either go to do workshops or to look just not enough time to do it all in a day. I think I could have gone every day and will think about that for next year.

Knitting and crochet seem to have taken over the craft world with so much wool and threads on sale. I have to add that the prices were very expensive. Of course I had to buy a few special ones for my work.

Keep stitching


Brenda Gael Smith said...

Thanks for stopping by the Twelve by Twelve exhibition and our blog and introducing yourself.

Delia (Del) said...

It was a pleasure to met you.

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