Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stolen Quilt Tasmania Cindy Watkins

> Hi I am copying this from a scquilters site. I can not imagine how Cindy is feeling.

> I am posting this massage to let everyone know that I just had a quilt stolen from the wall at the Break O Day Quilting and embroidery Exhibition in St Helens in Tasmania.
> Needless to say I'm a bit crushed and devastated as not only have I lost a piece of art work I love but I also had a buyer for the quilt for $2500.00.
> It is a lesson hard to learn as I did have the quilt insured when it is in my shop but not for when it leaves the premises.
> The work is very unique and was in last years AP&Q AQC Challenge exhibition that travelled around Australia.
> A photo of the quilt is on my web site at www.deeppeacestudio
> It is not the best photo but it gives you a good idea what it looks like.
> The ladies at the Break O day are just as devastated as I am. I know that the quilt was in a prominent spot that would have been quite had to steal.
> All I can think to do is put it out there on the off chance that someone might see it one day and it makes it bad to me.
> Much thanks
> Cindy Watkins
> Deep Peace Studio
> Deloraine Tasmania

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